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Larry Alger
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Hello.  I am Larry Alger. I own

My mission is to produce television documentaries that will assist our veterans in living effective and rewarding lives after their service to America. 

The shameful fact is so many vets wind up homeless and hungry that they actually take their own lives out of sheer desperation. 

My mission is to produce and air compelling video to help those vets find their personal missions of contribution to America. I will work tirelessly to eliminate much of their confusion and despair that so many of my brothers and sisters in arms, whom I have encountered in my life, have experienced since Vietnam. 

To that end I have opened an avenue of donation-based support for my mission through  My mission vision includes the professional tools for broadcast quality production.   Thank you for any support you can afford to contribute to  Aloha. 

Larry Alger
Tacoma, Wa

TEN Billion Dollar No BID Contract at the VA?

VA Records Breach Report from NBC Seattle   Click Link

Serious Data Breach of Thousands of Vets Info in Tacoma WA -Dave Strider

Vets Listen up New story VA’s Caregiver Program Still Dropping Veterans With Disabilities Excerpt>>After two years in the VA’s Program of Comprehensive Assistance for Family Caregivers, the Wilmots were dropped even though they say George’s condition hasn’t improved. Jenn Wilmot says the Charleston, S.C., VA encouraged her to reapply, and then rejected her.

Killing the VA under the cover of CHOICE? You guys ever stood in line 9 days to see your Doc? I haven’t. In fact the last time I need to see my Primary at the clinic in Rancho Cucamonga CA  I called in and they said come in and we will squeeze you in as a walk in. I arrived at 1:15 and by 1:25 I was having my vitals taken. What do YOU think? Trump’s Choice Sounds Like Privatization to me. DO NOT Privatize our VA all you Politicians or you will PAY A PRICE! What is NEXT for Vets? How do YOU see it?

To HELL with THIS >>>> CALLING ALL VETS>> Time to saddle up folks>>>> Save the VA Save America Vets stand together!

It is SO ON! Excerpt>> Veterans face two separate challenges to the VA that have come to a boil this week – one from Trump, one from the Republican House.
One concerns Trump and the makeup of a commission focused on closing VA facilities. The other concerns transferring funding of veterans’ healthcare from VA facilities to private entities.>>>>>

Working Together We CAN Save Veterans Lives – Larry Alger