My friend and inspiration Josh Fox, just got a taste of what I have been dealing with ever since I got popular in Bernie Sanders Groups in Spring 2015!  Sorry Josh, but the FB Censors do not CARE who you are and how wide your audience if THEY don’t like it.  See this folks….

Original Josh Tried To Post on FB:

Josh’s Tweet about it:

THAT Sucks and not in a good way!  More FB Dirty Dealing EXPOSED in prior JNN reports: (Click into new tab or window)

OMG Big Brother IS Watching US And He Is Facebook By Larry Alger 7-20-16

Here is HOW Facebook blocks news links By Larry Alger

When will Social Media turn US, the dissenters, OFF all together? Proof that they Spy Block Censor and Delete user content and links!

There is not only LOTS more reporting at but I fear, lots more to COME like Josh’s Post.  If this happens to you tell US so WE can tell the world, OK??  Thanks  In Solidarity!

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