Yea, personally I have been very inactive in documenting public actions about how our country, state and localities do the business of serving the American People for about the past year.  I’ve been trying to figure out MY life, and how to meet the challenges on the edge of homelessness, another cancer and a broken hip, the poverty income level of having had to choose early Social Security some years back, all in just a little more than the last year.   Before that, I did a lot of videos like these two short ones, out among the people who are willing to take some level of responsibility for the governance we suffer under.

And Suffer We do, don’t WE?

One>> Me in-front of the camera Larry on Election accountability

Two>> Political Reality folks. Watch Share for ALL our common good!

Yea last March there was my latest cancer surgery:

Then I had the broken hip in January.  But stuff seems to be going my way now and working out OK , even with all  the crazy Pandemic challenges we are all facing down lately.

So I’m watching the fuses being lit here in America. Fuses burning  in the perfect storm of the pandemic and resulting unprecedented responses by governance, screwing our economy, disrupting the life of all most every child and parent, and pooling 40 MILLION people into unemployment in a matter of a few weeks.

It has been almost unbelievable.  And I have had to just sit back and watch the nation and Seattle, where I live, descend into apparent chaos and media fueled fear mongering division between our people.  And I really, really, really wanna get out there and report on it. I yearn to stick my camera into the faces of those showing up to the Balls of dissent all over the Puget Sound region and engage them in conversation:  Really Really.

But No I have stayed at home. I have watched TV  YouTube and Peeped through the internet at the goings on.  But it is NOT the same as being there.  Taking action to show what is really happening.  Once that bug bites you, if you are like me, you gotta do it some more.  BUT I didn’t>>  Until Today.   I went to Seattle today.

I visited CHOP (Capitol Hill Organized Protest)

I drove 40 odd miles up there.  Found the area, Capitol Hill, no problem.   Got a great place to park, got my camera and other tools gathered up and jumped in.  Yes I was N95 Masked up. I carried a spray bottle of a Bio Hazard level four disinfectant in a top pocked to SprayCoronaAway (dot Com is coming soon).  And I started taking photos of the art that is everywhere.

From the plywood covering the concrete barriers and boarded up windows, to the layers of flyers covering light poles and such.  I talked to medics in an easy-up who had posted No Photos.  I shot nothing of them as they told be they are being targeted by the cops coming to and leaving the CHOP.  They were disturbed but determined to keep supporting the demonstration because THEY are ALL Down For The Cause.  And I say Good on THEM!

Photos collected off websites>>

I walked up Pine a little farther and met a guy named Ty. He and a young gal, both early 20’s or maybe late Teens,  Had a table where they were offering Black Lives Matters T-Shirts and other wearables.  Ty went on camera and explained growing up he was often confronted with the inequity of being a black kid.  He supports the movement, and at the same time he is hustling any way to keep food flowing their way.    I asked him what he hope to see coming out of all this energy and action.  He said Unity.  People coming together to take more control of their destinies.  It is such a SHAME that the memory card I recorded his interview (and EVERYTHING I SHOT) failed and I got nothing to show for it except my narrative here.  Brakes my heart BUT it also proffers a potential lesson to me.  Could the Lesson be that I am officially elderly.  I have a list of health issues that is almost unbelievable, considering I’m still here.  Maybe the lesson is don’t fool around with your health Larry.  After all, maybe 20 to 25% of the people I saw today had masks on.    But I saw NO bad vibes or tension at all.  In fact, at one point in a speech to the crowd outside the boarded up Police building someone was outted as a Proud Boy and the crowd played it down encouraging him to LEARN what peaceful protest is about by LISTENING to them and embracing Love not hate.  Right On People Right On!

Oh the day just FLOWED my way and I flowed with it. I talked to a couple of folks who were camped out in front to the  East Precinct that the Seattle PD boarded up and abandoned after two nights of military grade assaults on the protesters about a week ago.

 Yea, you know when thousands of people show up and say No Way!  We will have Unity in our Community, and you Cops are not welcome when you wage war on Citizens.  GTFO, and they did.  Not at the command of the Police Commander, Chief Best, but at the direction of Seattle’s Mayor Durkan.

The folks there have renamed the building the Seattle People’s Department. The watchers told me that they are there to STOP any damage or arson to the building.  A focus demand is that this building be converted by the city into a community services center from the existing use base of Cop-Shop.    #DefundThePolice which means CUT THEIR MONEY, especially for the militarization of police everywhere, and redirect the funds into community based services that SOLVE problems like hunger, homelessness, drug addiction and poverty with real help and education, not brutal force and imprisonment-for-profit.

#DeFundThePolice explicitly explained in this 3 minute video I cut from a half hour of John Oliver. PLEASE PLEASE Watch

I was lucky to have been there at Pike and 12th about 2:30 PM when a powerful young black woman spoke about validating the actions the People have taken here so far, and how to continue to make the messages of reform flow out to those that need to hear them, peacefully.  She spoke for over a half hour and I thought I had THAT too.  About half way through she remarked that the crowd need to look and see that the News cameras had left. They may have gotten a couple of sound bites but they did not get the message that people really need to hear.  I felt proud that I had stood there and gotten the whole thing.  Or so I thought.  What a shame that SD card blew out on me, Damn!

I walked and talked to many today. Including a coffee shop owner that had set up to keep the movement “Caffeinated” as he said.   There were a couple of gals who were handing out free box meals courtesy of a restaurant owner named Tom.  I had a great interview of them as well will all the details including website. They said Tom has provided over 40,000 meals to hungry folks since the Pandemic put people out of work and kids out of school.  I miss not having THAT video to share everywhere.  There was free water, fruit, snacks and other items being given freely in Love.   THESE actions are examples of people helping people, and building Bridges of community not Walls of division!   #UnityInTheCommunity

Later I walked into a liquor store a few doors down from Pine on 12th.  I asked if they had had any major problems in the past two weeks and they said no.  They were busy about 3:30 PM.

Well I am so glad I saw and heard what I did today.  It was familiar to me because of the experiences I had exploring and reporting on Occupy Los Angeles in 2011.  It had that same kind of feel of friendliness with the underlying reality that this is NO party This is No Fooling Around.  This is ALL ABOUT bringing CHANGE to the people who need it the most.  Remember Unity in the Community! Well I guess I got to get a new set of SD cards, and lay low while this Covid plays out.  I fear that the worst is yet to come!

Larry Alger