larry @Gojnnnews Calls out the Corrupt North Dakota government DAPL and Obama too!


Well SOMEONE has to do this.  Because THIS is the TRUTH People.  More videos of what is coming DOWN in Standing Rock!

Robert F Kennedy Jr. EXPLAINS the reality of DAPL at Standing Rock:

A 45 second look at what the Cops DO to peaceful Assembly of Water Protectors protesting and praying..

HERE is the proof of the TREASON against the people and the Constitution of the Uniteds States people. It is all right here in these videos! (That’s Right TREASON!!!)

They shot this rider’s horse and just missed him

Peaceful assembly! The cops deny it to Standing Rock WHERE are you Lynch? Obama?

A lawyer for Protectors shares the reality of the Front-Line in Cannon Ball.

THIS is how the DAPL employees act when confronted by unarmed protesters. They run people over and shoot guns at people but THAT’S OK with Morton County Sheriff, apparently.

What are they SPRAYING?

More Front-Line Looks at the actions against and FOR the corruption of the Black Snake

Nov 20 when the shit really came down

Another Nov 20 Front-Line report 43 Minutes from Digital Smoke Signals

Reflection on Nov 20 and report on Vanessa Dundon who was shot Sunday with a teargas canister after being singled out by police as a Standing Rock first responder and she has lost her right eye! Are you OK with this Obama? Are you? It is YOUR FAULT as much as anyone for NOT taking action. You taking Money instead of sending protection? Are ya?

After ALL In for election fraud, they you’re easily in for Several MILLIONS on the Oil Gravy Train No Biggie right Pres?

A report by Billy Taylor master organizer from the east coast on the Nov 20 Actions he witnessed first hand.

The DAY this report came out the North Dakota Hwy Patrol put out this statement:
The North Dakota Highway Patrol said law enforcement officers were not responsible for Wilansky’s injury.

“We are aware of the information about the woman on social media who has claimed she sustained injuries to her arm due to law enforcement tactics. The injuries sustained are inconsistent with any resources utilized by law enforcement and are not a direct result of any tools or weapons used by law enforcement,” according to North Dakota Highway Patrol Lieutenant Tom Iverson (A fucking Liar-ED). “This incident remains under investigation by the North Dakota BCI and ATF. Additional details will be released as the investigation progresses.”

ED-THAT is Bullshit pure and simple. LIES from the pit of HELL!!! Watch the video below for the truth!

Meanwhile on Black Friday at the Mall in Bismark people came to Sing and Pray and they were met with overwhelming force by the cops. THESE are civilians in tune with Water Is Life. And they were attacked and assaulted by the police.  This is WRONG people!

Finally here is an audio record of a meeting between DAPL and Standing Rock Sioux in Sept 2014… Listen to the smoking gun here people..

Hey @Barackbama, @elisabethwarren @realdonaldtrump  @SpeakerRyan   Seen enough here to know that NONE of this was a riot?  These videos show THE WAR waged on peaceful people in assembly to redress their grievances, nothing less!  Have you got it by NOW Barack Obama et. al.?  Remember this? Sound Familiar? To Hell with that right?  To you Money is Life Right?


In summation I am in AWE of the bravery, honor and commitment of the water protectors who are NOW #StandingRock  from all over our nation #NoDAPL. They have come to Stand Rock Solid with Standing Rock.  Conversely I am sickened by the actions of the corrupt thugs operating under the color of law in favor of the DAPL companies lawlessness. Death to the Black Snake. Come on Obama HOW can you turn your back and ignore THIS travesty?   Because as Bernie says  “Enough is Enough”