Larry Alger 5-11-2020

Ya know people, it is the Hard Bus Reality here on our Planet Earth. Step, fall, or get pushed off the curb when the bus is coming and you are splattered.  That’s Hard Bus Reality.  Like the Gonzo Journalist, Hunter H Thompson said, “When the going gets weird, the weird turn Pro”.

And the last two decades have gotten “Outta-Hand” WEIRD, Yeah, Outta-Hand-Weird.  Zoom in and focus on NOW, the Right Now!   To understand what is happening you need to then dolly back, and widen out the shot to find the basic truth we face on a global scale.  I gave this matter a lot of attention and thought, around the time that I fell and broke my left hip.  What a distraction THAT was.  It did keep me at home a lot and I was able to get it in a good, healed state in about six weeks.  That was right before the Mid-March-Madness hit the scene.  Remember about 60 days ago when the world was different?   It was Oh So Different, yes, it was.

So what’s going on now seems to me to be a global culling process.  The whirling blades of Darwin have begun their dances of elimination.  Who will be next?  Why will it be them?  Where will it strike? And Who and What is behind all this change in our world?  Is it the natural process of Mother Earth just taking as much as she can from us humans and she is striking back?  Is it the Oligarchy finally reaching out to depopulate the planet for their convenience and fancy?  Or is this all some combination of those possibilities and other factors we can only imagine?  I can not be absolutely sure.

But of course for me, the first and highest question is,  “HOW do I/me/we keep out of the way of the whirling blades of Darwin?”

The first step to solving any problem is confronting the scope and specifics of the challenge.  The whirling blades, do by their very nature, exist to push species toward change.  Will this change be for the better or for the worse?  Only time will tell all.

At this time it is all about being ready to avoid the Darwin blades.  I believe that shelter-in-place, and staying out of the way of the obvious blades is a good idea for the near future. Those culling blades may be feel like fear, anger, hunger depression or illness. I think avoiding some of the blades maybe vested in using masks, gloves, washing hands, stashing food and water and essentials to protect ourselves.  I also believe that reasonable people must decide what is the basic core unit of your family and friends.  These must be the people you can rely on for mutual support at any priority level.  From the support of I got your back if you’ll take mine neighbor, to whatever it takes to defend your spouse, kids and life partners against the expansion of the whirling blades.   I think that getting through the summer of 2020 and into the fall to see if a bad bounce develops, will require conservation of resources to the highest point. Keep your heads down, keep your eyes open and focus on supporting those in our core units as much as we can.

Yes, of course those folks who have gone off grid and have embraced a sustainable, grow-your-own life style are bound to be playing a very winning hand.  Then there is the rest of us.   I wish everyone of the rest of us types, possessed with situational awareness and empathy for others the best of luck, yes the best of luck to us all.

Larry Alger Publisher