Like the Plague, White Supremacy Must Be Scourged from the Land!

There is a plague that infests this land. It is a disease that has lodged itself deep into the core of the American ethos. The infection is set so deep that it has long since ossified the moral compass in white men and women that should lead their souls towards justice to the point of almost complete and utter uselessness. When these people envision an American nation that is ‘Great Again,’ as their hero Donald Trump has promised to make it, they cannot bare to imagine sharing even their scant portion of this nation’s abundant wealth with African Americans, Latin Americans, or any other group of people that either looks differently than they do or is in any way a threat to their tiny bit of the pie. The worst part of the infestation is that in reality, it is all but an illusion. It is an artificial creation of the American capitalist elite, going back to before the foundation of this country, whose sole purpose it is to keep poor whites separated from their fellow poverty stricken but faithful money supplicants.

This poses an interesting question. If white supremacy is such a pervasive contagion, how can it be artificial? Consider this that is true, “I am Kent, Son of Katherine, Daughter of Raymond, Son of Joseph, Son of Thomas, Son of Westley, Son of Ambrose, Son of William, Son of David, Jr., Son of David, Sr., Son of John, of Clan Halliburton, Friends to Clan Home, a direct descendant of the last Haliburton, Sir John Halliburton, to hold the title, Lord Halliburton, Baron of the Tweed at Newmains-upon-the-Tweed, all loyal Sons of Scotland. This is a tangible listing of my immediate ancestors. It takes my heritage back to 1698, when Sir John was born to his father Sir George, who then goes back to the late 1640s. This is not something that can be taken away with some tricky piece of propaganda or a slew of crafty language. It is who I am, and the only way it can be taken from me is for my life’s blood to be drained from veins. I also have bloodlines that I can trace back to Ireland, Wales, the Isle of Man, Cornwall, Briton, Leon, France, Bavaria, Prussia, Saxony, Norway, and West Africa, though this is less secure because of slavery. These lines go back thousands of years when tribal migrations are brought into the research.

It is perhaps this, most of all, that has stood as a fortified vaccination against the disease of white supremacy. I know that I am not white. I am a born American and a loyal Son of Scotland. I bear blood in my veins from six tribes of the Celtic nations. The mere fact that I know who I am, has kept me healthy. There are a couple of other things that have helped me along way, though. First, there is the fact that I was raised, from a very young age, with a set of fundamental morals and principles centered around the core ideal of human decency. I was taught that all people are, very simply, people. It is based on the fundamentals of human science. Consider the first, and primary, notion put forth by the Roman scholar Euclid, “Two things which are equal to the same thing, are equal to each other” Euclid goes on to say, “Above all other truths, this is self-evident.” This is a fundamental truth for humanity. We are all born with equality. To follow this, I was raised, also from a very young age, that pursuing an education is one of the first ventures that all people should embark upon. So, fortified by my heritage, my enlightened upbringing, and my education, the plague that is white supremacy, most gratefully, has never penetrated my being.

So, white supremacy is a racist ideology centered upon the belief, and the promotion of the belief, that white people are superior in certain characteristics, traits, and attributes to people of other racial backgrounds, and that therefore, white people should politically, economically and socially rule over all non-white peoples. In academic usage, particularly in usage drawing on critical race theory, the term white supremacy can also refer to a political or socio-economic system where white people enjoy a structural advantage, or privilege, over other ethnic groups, both at a collective and an individual level, in that they will always be considered first for good jobs, government assistance programs, cultural events, and the like. Unfortunately, this ideology has been institutionalized in the United States, so that every aspect of American life is geared towards the exaltation of the white race over all others. It is embedded in American schools’ lesson plans, commercial product advertising, and major cultural programs, whose goal it is to press home the glory of the white race.

This is not something that was started recently. Its roots are set deep in American history, going all the way back to the early part of the 1640s. Beginning in the 1620s, as the tobacco industry began to pick up pace in the American colonies, plantation owners drew from as many labor sources as they could to meet the growing needs of their vast land holdings. Tobacco harvesting was extremely labor intensive, so they had to pull from multiple sources. In the earliest years, planters used both African slaves and indentured servants from Europe. By the 1640s, however, the white planters of the American colonies began to notice a pattern of behavior amongst their workers that worried them. They realized that their indentured servants and their slaves would rebel against poor treatment in unity. To keep rebellions from occurring and to keep the workers from being so powerful, the white planters began to institute policies that would ensure a measure of separation between the indentured servants and the slaves. Preferred treatment, better food, better clothes, and the like were the beginning. However, the kicker was time served. White indentured servants, when they challenged their condition in court, were granted their freedom or a shorter term of service than was originally assigned by their term of indenture. African slaves, however, found that they would be ordered to work for life, without parole. This ruling would also include any children born by a slave. This is where white supremacy was born, and it has remained in effect ever since.

How serious has been its effect? Slavery was enforced white supremacy until it was banned by the 13th Amendment, in 1865. After this, Jim Crow, or Segregation, laws protected white supremacy until the middle of the 1960s. Since this period, it has been enforced by intentionally discriminatory laws like the “Three Strike Law” and other uneven punishments for crimes, determined by the race of the person committing the crime. Sneaky political tricks like gerrymandering representative voter districts have also helped this system along. It has also been enforced by intentionally uneven economic arrangements, relegating people of certain races to specific jobs whose goal it is to keep them poor and segregated. It has also been enforced during the entire period of American history by the willing acquiescence of millions of “white” Americans who have served to benefit from what is actually the primary enforcer of white supremacy in the United States, the very economic power that created it in the first place. This is the White-Anglo-Saxon-Protestant capitalist class that continues to rob Americans of all sorts to this very day. So, how has this system of white supremacy and robbery been maintained? President Lyndon Baines Johnson puts it fairly simply, “If you can convince the lowest white man he’s better than the best colored man, he won’t notice you’re picking his pocket. Hell, give him somebody to look down on, and he’ll empty his pockets for you.” If the United States is to ever advance beyond its present state, something must be done about white supremacy.

Given that white supremacy is so heavily embedded in American society, how can it be beaten? Until recently, some might have thought that the disease was in remission; however, with the rise of Donald Trump using his xenophobic, reactionary, and bigoted language to become President of the United States, it has shown itself to be much more resilient than was previously thought. No matter how resilient it proves to be; however, it must go. So, how can that happen? Education is definitely something than can help. Teaching children from a young age that racial bigotry is not acceptable is important. Adult education should also be considered important. Making such behavior a criminal act should also be considered; however, no matter how vial white supremacy is, this would raise serious First Amendment questions. Beyond this, who thinks that these things are going to be accepted by the white community peacefully, especially now that their hero is soon to be the President of the United States? Push white supremacists too far, and they will fight to the death, even if it is against their best interests, just as LBJ suggested.

Locking regular people up is not the ultimate solution to this problem, either. Doing that will only make the problem worse. Further, while it will help, education is not going to work quickly enough, though. The vile epidemic that is white supremacy must be cured much more quickly than is possible with education alone. The solution to this problem is as deeply rooted as the problem itself. So, what is it? Is the solution a destructive race war? No. Wasting resources fighting the ignorant foot soldiers of white supremacy, in the end, will prove to be a monumentally futile affair. In fact, even more than locking people up, this would only make the problem monumentally worse, as millions would find themselves on some artificial edge of annihilation where they would only harden their fear based philosophy. The solution to the problem is a direct assault on the people that are protecting the roots of the system, the people that are propping white supremacy up in an effort to keep the American people from recognizing their common circumstances, a threat that they very much do not wish to see realized.

The WASP capitalist class that runs this country is the source of this trouble. They are the ones that must be truly rooted out. It will not be an easy fight, as they are the only thing more deeply rooted in this society than is white supremacy. White supremacy is a vile plague, but ultimately, it too is but a symptom of something far worse. It is a symptom of one of the most destructive forces in human history. The unbridled, unrestrained, and uncontrolled accumulation of wealth; the pursuit of which has no time to care about human decency, and which will use any tool at its disposal, white supremacy being but one of many, to achieve, ultimately, the total control of the global economy in the hands of a single privately owned entity. The fight must begin in Ernst. Eliminate the capitalist ruling class that uses white supremacy as a disgusting tool to separate the masses, and white supremacy will fade away into the past just the same as any evil that has been defeated in eons past. Until that fateful day, let those of us with human hearts combat white supremacy, in its most deadly forms, with peace, unity, and love.

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