Listen to what Jill Stein says about this Election and her campaign SHORT!


So don’t you have a minute and 19 seconds to LISTEN to the Truth about Jill Stein directly from Jill Stein?  Shame on you if you do not listen to this! AND here are more bits of truth for you to watch and consider about Jill and the Green Party.

Got Out Of Hand College Debt?  Better Vote Jill!  Listen to this….

Got College Debt? Better VOTE Jill Stein Or Else YOU Are DOOMED!

Another TWO Minutes on the Green party Positions  Come on click the video.

What Jill Stein and the Green party is all about in 2 Minutes

Hey this one is just a minute!

MUST SEE! Jill Stein TV ad says Enough is Enough Just 60 seconds Watch IT!

Don’t you REALLY want a candidate that IS STANDING up to Big Oil Big Polluters and BIG Corruption?  Check out the HISTORY and details  here:

Arrest Warrants for Amy Goodman and Jill Stein?? In Morton County, ND they are Corrupt trying to arrest reporters and Presidential Candidates!


In Depth article/Interview  10,000 words from the LA Times.  Lots of videos in this one too:

Read Jill Stein Interview with LA Times Jill is “A Mother On Fire” and wants to Save Our World for the kids!

Here is how ONE state kept Jill Stein off the ballot in Nevada.  The Inside Story! 

Jill Stein Screwed- Off The Ballot in Nevada Corruption and Treason Dan Rolle Explains

More breaking details to the video above!  dnc-treason1a-1-1

Consider this when all those people tell you it is a WASTE to vote Green

Third Party Vote a Waste? NO and here is WHY just watch this short video!

More election TRUTH and details and WHY the other choices are corrupt and not worth your vote!

Rebuttal to OMG it’s Trump! Vote Clinton or ALL is LOST!!


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Oct 5 -16