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Trump has named Mick Mulvaney
to be the director of OUR Office of Management and Budget.
This is news that not a lot of people will pay attention to but that is SERIOUSLY troublesome. The OMB is responsible for how WE gain revenue for al of the things WE have prioritized as vital for OUR nation and how WE go about spending those resources.
Mulvaney was one of the founding fathers of the Freedom Caucus
The Freedom Caucus has been the main champion of government shutdowns! Now it seeks to have Trump implement sweeping changes which will throw in the trash thousands of government regulations.
If the Freedom Caucus gets its way the very air WE breathe will get dirtier, OUR labor force will lose protections WE have fought for over many generations, OUR food will be less healthy, for-profit colleges will be permitted to continue to take advantage of people, Wall Street will be encouraged to bring US(A) to the brink of yet another economic meltdown, among many other calamities you can read about on VOX link below
Attorney Douglass has a forthcoming web site “Berning Attorneys” that will be available soon with detailed ways for you to help out.  Meanwhile follow Josh Douglass and other Freedom Fighters (#RealNews  not #FakeNews) on

Read this article for the Horrible Details of what we are facing people…..

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Who is the freedom Caucus What do THEY want? read this…