I have been watching this group along with the BNC (BrandNewCongress.org) and they seem to be gaining momentum.  Please look into the Represent.us and see if they have a presence in YOUR area. If not you may want to start one up!

FROM an email to me personally:

The conventions are over. Lots of promises. Now what? How about a big dose of…Getting. It. Done!

While most of the country is flabbergasted, Represent.Us members just like you are delivering real change. Big time. Here’s how you can be part of it.

Cocoa, FL just passed an Anti-Corruption resolution with unanimous support from the City Council.

Last week, Represent San Francisco got a lobbyist gift ban on the ballot for November.

In Portland, OR, Roanoke, VA, and Baltimore, MD, chapters represented at big festivals.

New Represent.Us Chapters are launching in Pittston, PA, Grand Rapids, MI, New River Valley, VA, Boston, MA, and Northern NJ. Each will be pursuing Anti-Corruption Resolutions in the coming months.

Last night, our all-star Rockford, IL chapter got a resolution through the Boone County committee. One more step, and they’re headed to the ballot. Our Lake County, IL chapter has a vote in front of the whole County Council this Friday. And in McHenry County, IL our chapter will have their resolution in front of the county legislative committee on August 12th. 3 Illinois chapters are pushing resolutions to the ballot in November. Wow!

More than 20,000 Represent.Us members are powering the Washington Government Accountability Act, and 2,000 South Dakotans are standing behind the South Dakota Government Accountability and Anti-Corruption Act.

I don’t know about you, but I’m more than inspired. I’m pumped!

Ready to be part of the action? Click here and we’ll help you find the best way to get involved.

The dominoes started tipping in 2014, when Tallahassee proved victory is possible. We built momentum in 2015 as the movement passed Anti-Corruption laws in Seattle and Maine. This year is a watershed moment, with dozens of cities and 2 more states on the line.

In communities across America, a movement is afoot. Hundreds of thousands of us across the country, of all political and cultural backgrounds, are working together with one common purpose. We’re not waiting for Congress to fix our broken political system. We’re fixing it ourselves, right now.

I’m proud to be a small part of this. I hope you are, too. Thank you so much for everything you do.

– Graham

Joshua Graham Lynn
Managing Director

Facebookers:  https://www.facebook.com/RepresentUs

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