Come Join Our Fight for Truth, Free Speech and our Collective Freedom in Seattle! –  Chinese Democracy and Human Rights Alliance

1. Stop the Oppression!
2. Protect our Democracy!
3. Secure our Futures!

Contact us for more information at 425-535-8869

Demand shut down Chinese spy systems in the US –  Tensent, and Confucius Institution!  Arrest, sentence, and deport all the Mainland Chinese regime spies from US!
Demands!  Shut Down All Chinese operations of spies and agents for the Communists Regime andDeport All the Chinese agents and spies.
Join our march to  Stop CCP regime’s Data Collection and threaten overseas Chinese!

Release Chinese Democracy Movement Leader Dr. Wang Bingzhang, Tiananmen Tankman Zhang Weimin,  and All the Prisoners of Conscience now!

Never Forget!



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