30 July, 2016

Let’s meet Tim Canova!

Tim, a former congressional aide to the late Sen. Paul Tsongas, D-Mass., and a law professor at Nova Southeastern University, sees his opponent DWS in Florida as beholden to corporate special interests and having a voting record that’s out of touch with the south Florida people she represents.

“She’s a corporate Democrat,” Canova told The Associated Press in an interview in April at an outdoor cafe near his modest storefront campaign office in Hollywood, Florida; his view on this hasn’t changed since. “She’s been taking millions of dollars from the largest corporations and hundreds of thousands of dollars from industries like Big Sugar, Wall Street banks, predatory lenders and private prisons. I believe you either represent the corporate lobbyists or you represent the people. You cannot do both. She votes issues in their interests and not in the interests of her own constituents.”

Canova is borrowing plenty from Sanders’ playbook. He’s a longtime supporter of the Vermont senator and once advised him on reforming the Federal Reserve. Sanders endorsed Tim already during his campaign. Spread the news about him, he will be a major progressive voice for us! He blasted DWS in radio clips 3 times on July 13. The ad “I believe”  calls Wasserman Schultz, first elected in 2004, an “insider.”

According to this July 28th video interview, Bernie Sanders is poised to help  about 100 of his down ballot candidates with endorsements and financial assistance. Let’s not waste time, and begin getting their names out. Share the articles titled with “MEET name” to get the word out there with us if you are there and can positively influence the votes with them.

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