From our dolly back, widen out the shot for TRUTH friend of JNN, DES…. Thank You

Vaccines= biological weapons international law and transportation regulations confirm
Vaccines introduce disease and chemicals in ways the body systems are not designed to withstand
Vaccine components comprise prions, which Nobel winning science confirms entices human prions to adapt/ change/ conform to ” alien” prion conformation this irretrievably rewriting the human genetic code
In this way vaccines biologicals override the immune, organizing structural take down if the defense system exactly like a computer virus would.
Vaccine adjuvants are selected for their comparability with the end result: taking engineered biologicals across the defense systems, invading and depositing their loads, then to hunker down where they have been designed/ selected to travel to : usually the brain.
The brain has its own separate immune system called the blood brain barrier.
Polysorbate 80 and squaline are designed to piggyback GE prions ( proteins) across this defense system where they deposit their load and wreak their own havoc in a two for one payload of destruction.
Today you have an epidemic of neural dysfunction metabolic syndromes as a result of the collective fraudulent science of vaccines :
95% of autism
100% of Nodding Disease
98% of Parkinson’s
90% of Altzeimers
85% of all immune disfunction
98% of All food allergies
82% of All chemical allergies
85% of the increase in the Decline of Human Intelligence of which an additional 8% is attributable to the starvation of the brain in the absence of beneficial fats and whole uncontaminated proteins
85+8=93% to which you can add 3% selective inbreeding protocols for a total of 93% all of which also suffer the ill effects of two generations of exposure to The Chemical Age and the wholesale contamination of the entire Food Supply Chain for a total burden of synergistic compounded harm of 99.99% of the full complement of humanity, the fauna flora water ways and the air itself.

That there is anyone left at all, able to articulate a defense against these CrimesAgainstHumanity is the true Miracle in need of highlighting.

Think Tanks began circulating White Papers in the late 1990’s exploring the question of Who Woukd Be Left to Plead on Behalf of Humanity in the evolving state of Intellectual Biological Warfare of silent weapons for mass destruction. If you believe for one second that the alarmingly long list of dead scientists physicists and doctors is coincidental then you are already relegated to the list slated for extermination, which just goes to show how rapidly the war evolved and how successful it’s been.

Underwritten by those driven to distraction in their quest for immortality via upload to thrive in the absence of the codes the universal systems had guaranteed to turn atoms to matter manifestations in this time, place and space.

The above is a volume of books reduced to the brevity I am seeking to conquer.