More Treason in the elections this time in the Maryland US Senate Race!


The Green Party candidate for Maryland’s open Senate seat took the stage at a televised debate on Wednesday and demanded to be included as police escorted her out of the room. Maryland people.

This is NOT Alabama or Georgia or Texas, it is Maryland!   Yes folks THIS is the EXACT EXAMPLE of what our elections in America have come down to YOU need to see and understad. Our Elections are Fixed Rigged and Screwed Up ALL across America!

Margaret Flowers, a physician who has sought recognition from debate organizers for months, stood briefly between Democratic nominee Chris Van Hollen and Republican Kathy Szeliga in a University of Baltimore auditorium as her supporters applauded.


See here, Bernie Sanders, THIS is why you needed to STAND THE HELL UP in Philly.  This IS BECOMING THE NORM NOT THE EXCEPTION TODAY.  THIS is what has happened to Jill Stein and Green Party in 2016.  WE MUST Take BACK our process because THEY (including the Democrat Chris Van Hollen, who said NOTHING and just moved out of the way so the cops could grab Dr Flowers) are not allowing THE PEOPLE to participate.  They put on the SHOW (Just like they did in Philly) and the COPS haul off anyone with the balls to cry FOUL!  Does this make you PROUD to be part of THIS SHIT?  Does it Bernie?

It breaks our hearts and fills us with anger which will no longer be easily swept aside by YOUR COPS Hillary.  Do you understand? Do YOU REALLY?