I saw this “meme” this morning and I said, INDEED!  I want people to quit running around with their hair on fire screaming “OMG TRUMP” because that is EXACTLY what you “absorbed” from the campaign of the sorriest loser you ever met!  Her campaign CHOSE him as her opposition.
Read This: Leaked Emails Show That Trump Was a Tool Used by the Hillary Campaign From Day One.
She was a DISASTER in waiting to further the destruction and decay of our country. The TPP WAS AN “AGREEMENT” that would have STOLEN THIS COUNTRY’S SOVEREIGNTY. Furthermore, she and Bill were PAID MILLIONS TO ENGAGE, ENACT AND ENFORCE IT!  Her election, whether you want to admit this or not, could have been THE LAST VOTE WE EVER CAST FOR A LEADER!  All CORPORATE RULES would have superseded our laws!  Take a look at Standing Rock if you don’t believe that!  Is Barry protecting the Native Americans in ND? Hell NOOOO!  Why?  He is bought and paid for just like her!  He is sitting in the White House mourning the fact that his POS legacy is gone!  All CORPORATE RULES would have superseded our laws and further stolen our rights!

You know, I have been making the same statements that are made in that featured meme!  What was my reasoning? For me the biggest factor in assessing Trump has been his “motives”. He is probably the BIGGEST MOST VIABLE NARCISSIST YOU WILL EVER SEE! He WANTS and NEEDS to be “revered, adored, idolized”, thus the “flamboyant statements” — attention getters folks, attention getters!  He may well end up exactly where this gentleman says and going down in the history books as one of the best presidents. Within TWO DAYS OF BEING ELECTED HE TOOK DOWN BARRY’S POS TPP!! You people should be throwing your hats in the air just for that!

What else has he announced? He has announced that he WILL PROTECT THE LGBTQ community and for that, I AM ALSO THANKFUL!  How many Republicans do YOU know that support that?  We have Democrats who don’t!  Blue Dogs but Democrats nonetheless! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO JUDGE ANYONE ELSE’S LIFE!  SWEEP OFF YOUR OWN BACK PORCH AND MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!

We have had no protection for ANY citizens from the present administration so, once again, THIS IS ANOTHER STEP FORWARD!  Again, look to Standing Rock for proof!  Barry said stop, so he says but do you see any action stopping it?.  The oil company said NO WAY WE ARE FINISHING THIS!  He allowed National Guardsman and police from all over this nation to be mobilized there to STOP THE PEOPLE FROM PROTECTING THEIR OWN LAND!  He WAS COMPLICIT in  the BULLDOZING OF THEIR SACRED BURIAL GROUNDS.  Complicit?  YES he did not so much as bat an eye as people were being abused and HAVING THEIR LAND AND WATER STOLEN!  Ask yourself this question: HOW THE HELL IS IT POSSIBLE THAT THE NATIONAL GUARD — NATIONAL MIND YOU — CAN BE CALLED IN BY THE GOVERNOR WITHOUT BARRY’S CONSENT.  According to my source — IN THE CASE OF NATURAL OR MAN-MADE DISASTERS AND STANDING ROCK IS NOT!  That tells me BARRY MADE THAT CALL! Would you stand by if they bulldozed Arlington??  I BET NOT!

You need to consider this also! PRESIDENT ELECT DONALD TRUMP DID NOT WIN THIS WITH THE HELP OF REPUBLICANS! THEY BASICALLY “SHUNNED” HIM. NEVER FORGET THAT THE BUSH FAMILY ENDORSED HER!!! DO YOU KNOW WHAT THAT MEANS??? SHE WAS ONE OF THEM. THEY DIDN’T ENDORSE TRUMP. THEY DIDN’T CAMPAIGN FOR TRUMP. (A few did the LAST WEEK OR TWO!) THEY IGNORED HIM. This is what they KNOW. HE IS THE BOSS. HIS FAVORITE PHRASE? “YOU’RE FIRED!”. His cabinet will play the game his way or they will be gone.  The Republican Party is beginning to understand that if they do NOT play the game his way he can always take HIS SUPPORTERS AND LEAVE THE PARTY! That, my friends, is why THEY WILL PLAY THE GAME HIS WAY!  The Republicans saw what happened to the Democratic Party — and DJ Trump took BOTH PARTIES DOWN IN ONE FELL SWOOP!  EVERY American owes Donald J. Trump a debt of GRATITUDE for that!  The people spoke and we, Berners, Greens, Trumpers said WE DO NOT WANT OUR GOVERNMENT TO BE AN “ARM OF CORPORATIONS” ANY LONGER!

What else did we get from the present administration that the Queen of Deceit and Deception would have continued?  Barry’s “signature piece” Obamacare aka ACA is GARBAGE! It took from Medicare (yes he did! ck your facts because I have! See reference below paragraph.) For those that are MANDATED to buy this coverage CAN’T AFFORD IT! When they purchase something they CAN AFFORD they pay a penalty because IT WASN’T GOOD ENOUGH!  Do NOT — I repeat — do NOT comment about my source being a Republican publication or call me a Republican!  Why not?  Because you can’t find an unbiased source for this information.  They are too busy helping Barry and Billary Bag Hildebeast HIDE THE TRUTH from us! And to think we believed they were on the side of the people!


I voted for him TWICE and I am ashamed I was NOT PAYING better attention then!

I am NOT a sore loser and you all KNOW IN YOUR HEADS AND HEARTS I was NOT a Trump supporter. I was CRUSHED when the nomination was stolen from Bernie by the Queen of Deceit and Deception but I did not go to the streets, start fires, destroy property — I put my shoulder to the grindstone and starting working for Jill.   Incidentally, is this NOT the behavior they told YOU TO EXPECT FROM TRUMP SUPPORTERS?  And let’s not forget THEY CONVEYED THAT IMAGE TO YOU BY HIRING ANTAGONISTS — SHIT STIRRERS FOLKS!  You will have some people who are “rowdy” in EVERY group — it’s just a fact but the people on the streets now?  SOME have been hired and SOME are supporters but they sure as hell as not PEACEFULLY PROTESTING AS BERNIE SUPPORTERS DID AND AS THE PROTESTERS IN STANDING ROCK ARE PRESENTLY ENGAGED IN!

You have NO IDEA WHAT PRESIDENT ELECT TRUMP WILL DO so let’s keep a vigilant eye and MOVE FOWARD. TPP GONE — YAYAYAYAYAY!!!!! Next job? CONGRESS 2018! And to those that stood with the Queen of Deceit and Deception — THROW THE BUMS OUT!