Santa Rosa Ca… What the HELL has happened in Nor-Cal this past week?  Research shows that this was not some Lightening Strike series of Mother Nature strikes back wild fires.  The videos in this report will show anyone who invests the time to watch and focus on the information therein that UNNATURAL fire and weather events have been occurring all around us in forests since June 2012 in Colorado Springs with the Waldo Canyon Fire. Click a Link for a What Happened to Waldo report.
Waldo Report 1   Waldo Report 2   Waldo Report 3 Five years later

Geo Engineering?  Directed Energy Weapons?  Engineered Weather Events?  Could this ALL be for real? Or is all this just some Si-Fi story presented over the backdrop of California’s worst Fire-Event EVER? Please watch the videos and explore the report links to get information that to us is nothing short of STUNNING!

Santa Rosa Video Report One

Santa Rosa Video Report Two

Santa Rosa Report Three

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We here at JNN in California are all focused and attentive to the course of events involving the unprecedented Winds, Fires, Destruction of Property and Lives Lost and Shattered as well as the mass disruption of our citizenry and business interests.   We have associates on the ground and other researchers busy working on getting us ALL the truth we deserve about these events.  If YOU  have any information, photos, personal experiences you want to share with our audience please call our toll Free at 888-849-6160.