Alex Murdaugh’s Family Murder: Son’s Snapchat Video “Critical To The Case”


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A Snapchat video Alex Murdaugh’s son sent to his friends moments before he was murdered has been described as “critical to the case”.

Senior Assistant Deputy Attorney General, Creighton Waters revealed in new court documents filed on Wednesday that Paul sent the video to “several friends” at 7:56pm on the night he and his mother were murdered.

Though the specific details of the footage were not stated, Waters added in the court documents that “the contents of this video is important to proving the State’s case in chief.”

In a trial that will begin on Monday, 64-year-old disgraced lawyer, Alex Murdaugh, is being charged with two counts of murder and two counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a violent crime for allegedly shooting his 52-year old wife, Maggie and 22-year-old son, in 2021.

Senior Assistant Deputy Attorney General Creighton Waters, petitioned for Snapchat to testify at the trial, which is expected to last for three weeks, according to the court filing.

Judge Clifton Newman, who signed the request, demanded for a Snapchat representative to appear at the trial until after their testimony and when “the case is disposed of”, according to the court papers.

More court documents from Waters revealed that the court also subpoenaed Google to provide records concerning the location data of devices when the killings occurred, according to a report by ABC News 4.

Google replied by saying that the devices mentioned were not at Murdaugh’s home at the time of the crime, the report added.

On the evening of June 7, 2021, it was alleged that Alex reached out to his wife Maggie, and requested that she meets him at the family’s estate in Islandton, S.C.

A law enforcement source privy to the investigation revealed that Alex allegedly told Maggie that his aged father, Randolph Murdaugh III, was failing in health and that she needed to see him before his death.

Sources claimed the marriage between Maggie and Alex had hit the rocks and she was living at the family’s house on Edisto Island.

The law enforcement source also revealed that Maggie initially declined to meet Alex at the family home, and suggested instead that they meet at the hospital. She ultimately consented to meet him at the property, with the intent to follow Alex to the hospital in her own car.

It was alleged that Maggie messaged a friend on her way to the house, telling her that something about her husband’s behavior was “fishy”, the law enforcement source revealed.


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