Missing Texas Woman Found Dead After Plans To Confront Boyfriend Over Marital Status


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COLIN COUNTY, TX – A 33-year-old woman from Collin County, Texas, has been found dead after she was reported missing by friends and relatives on January 11, news outlets report.

Before she went missing, investigators said Kayla Kelley had concluded plans to challenge her boyfriend after discovering he was married and disguising with another name, NBC 5 reports.

Colin County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that after weeks of searching, Kelley’s body was found Wednesday in a field in Grand Prairie, Texas.

Kelley was declared missing after friends and relatives did not hear from her for many days, reports NBC 5. While she remained missing, investigators spotted her car dumped and “burned beyond recognition”, close to her boyfriend Ocastor Shavon Ferguson’s work place.

Ferguson and his wife had reported the theft of their Lexus, which was later found near Kelley’s home
with gloves, a blanket and duct tape in it, ABC 8 reports.

During interrogation by authorities, Ferguson claimed to have last seen Kelley on January 10 when they both drove in her car where she dropped him. He said he was expecting her to bring him lunch by 6pm, but she didn’t show up. He revealed to the police that his Lexus was parked near Kelley’s home because he never wanted his wife to know, NBC 5 reported.

Ferguson and Kelley were said to have started a relationship after they met online. He hid under the name “Kevin” while dealing with her because he didn’t want her to know his true identity, according to reports. Before her disappearance, she allegedly informed friends she intended to confront him regarding his false identity.

In text messages reviewed by the police, Kelley had threatened to expose Ferguson’s extramarital dealings to his wife, WFAA reports.

In an arrest warrant reviewed by NBC 5, Ferguson’s wife was said to have disclosed to investigators that she had received a text message from an unknown source, saying there was an information for her. Report says there was no response from his wife.

According to the warrant, Ferguson’s phone records indicated he had been close to Kelley’s residence and also the location where her burnt car was found on January 10.

Kelley’s body was discovered in a location less than a mile from Ferguson’s residence, ABC 8 reports.

Ferguson was arrested on January 14 and charged with arson and kidnapping. Sheriff Jim Skinner told WFAA that, “we believe the person responsible for [Kelley’s] death is in custody.”

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