10-22-16  Latest Video from today. THIS is NOT Justice!

10-23-16  New Video Standing Rock Video Drones being shot down by COPS!

The Words of truth and history from a true Native Son of the High Plains:

Jon Eagle Sr.       Fort Yates, ND

As a little boy, my father used to take me to Wakpala, SD to visit my late uncle Phillip Eagle Sr. On his wall were pictures of all the men in my family who served in the United States military. I used to stare at those pictures and think to myself, “someday i’m going to be just like them.” October 28, 1986 I joined the United States Army and proudly served until I was honorably discharged. I never thought I’d see the day when the same brotherhood of soldiers that I proudly served with would be used against my people. I don’t blame those soldiers in the National Guard, they’re only following orders. I blame a Federal and State government that shows a total disregard for the people they were elected to serve. For nearly three decades I and many others from the tribes in North Dakota worked hard to create strong relationships of cooperation and collaboration with our counterparts at the State only to have Jack Dalrymple erode in a course of a few months, what took decades to build. All in the name of oil.

October 20th, The Department of Justice conducted an onsite visit to the area where DAPL knowingly destroyed sites of religious and cultural significance to our people, a direct violation of Section 110 of the National Historic Preservation Act, called Anticipatory Demolition. I personally walked through the land where DAPL showed a total lack of respect and disregard for who our ancestors were and for who we are as a people. For the tribal people who participated in that walk through we felt a sadness and distrust because we knew the Federal and State officials who walked with us didn’t care. How do you explain to a people who are disconnected from who they were, a people who are spiritually disconnected from everything in the Creation, that water is sacred? How do you get them to see past their own greed and understand that without water there can be no life?

September 2nd our lawyers filed an emergency injunction in Washington, DC., based upon evidence found by Tim Mentz during a survey that occurred between August 28 and September 2nd where over 80 stone features and 27 ancient burials were discovered. The Judge gave DAPL lawyers that evidence and on September 3rd DAPL bulldozers showed up with heavy security and attack dogs and desecrated only those sites discovered by Tim. They literally jumped 20 miles from where they were working to the sites that were newly discovered in an attempt to destroy evidence, a direct violation of State Law to include the conditions of the Public Utilities Commission permit.

Congressman Cramer walked with Colonel Henderson and I. We talked about the challenges the legal framework of Federal and State Law had on a project like this. Cramer asked,”Should the North Dakota State Historic Preservation Office and the Public Service Commission be urged to work with the Tribes.?” Seemed like a no brainer to me but I told him, “Yes, there needs to be changes to State Law that requires them to work with tribes in our ancestral homelands.” Colonel Henderson and I had the same observation of Federal Law on land outside of reservation borders. We both agreed that the law which states,”Federal agencies may consult with tribes….” should read, “Federal agencies shall consult with tribes…”

Blehiciye po! Take courage my relatives. DAPL is coming across the land but have no fear in your hearts. Cante tinzan ki najin po! Stand with Strong Hearts! They are going to construct right up to the Army Corps Land but remember, they do not have the permit required to cross Mni Sose, our Missouri River. Energy Transfer, the company that owns the Dakota Access Pipeline has and continues to be allowed to violate Federal and State Laws. It doesn’t matter though, those are man made laws. They make them and break them as they see fit. That’s ok though, because we as Lakota/Dakota people know and understand Woope, Creators law. We are not alone. We are standing united with over 300 tribal nations to include indigenous people from around the world, and people from all walks of life. The greatest thing we have is the prayer that united us all. It’s powerful and beautiful.

Blehiciye po! The Black Snake is in it’s death throws. It doesn’t matter what happens with this project because the governments of the world are taking action to reduce their countries dependence on the fossil fuel industries, an outdated technology. There are alternatives to fossil fuel but there is no alternative to water! We are in a time of prophesy, a sacred time because we are in this together.

9 minutes of injustice from Standing Rock!

CALL the North Dakota State Capital Phone (701) 328-2480 and make your displeasure at these unconstitutional actions very clear to them.

I sit in AWE of the Standing Rock community PEACEFUL righteousness. Yata Hey…. Blessings on all our native American brothers and sisters doing the work of JUSTICE fighting AGAINST the Black Snake Tribe on the Prairie. Visit http://standingrock.org/ and support these people however you can… They have a Paypal donation button right on the front page. Click it!!! I did, you MUST too. Five Bucks, Three Bucks, whatever. If Bernie taught us one thing that is when MILLIONS of people stand together there ARE AMAZING things we CAN do!
If I can afford to chip in $10 so can YOU! May the Blessing of the Sky be with you… Kinda Like Feel The Bern Folks… Share your blessings with the Lakota of the Northern Plains. THEY NEED and DESERVE all the help we can render against the Black Snake who is attempting to eat our world and leave us nothing but the fouled skies and poisoned waters!

Prior Reporting at JNN:

Yata Hey to our Brothers and Sisters STOPPING the DAPL with the MOST AWESOME peaceful display of determination you will SEE!

Waging War on the High Plains RIGHT NOW 10-22-16





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