A delegate from Fontana Ca reports that the dichotomy of what has been agreed to and what is the reality on the ground has been become open hostility from HRC supporters towards the Sanders people.  She told us that many of the Clinton people, while holding signs that read Stronger Together or Juntos Sepude in Spanish, have hurled mean and hurtful epitaphs which she would not be explicit about on the phone.

The Clinton crews have openly expressed opposition to blocking the TPP and are in total opposition to acceptance of the Black Lives Matter proposals.  The Clinton people are NOT coming together on the Sanders planks agreed to in the Democratic Platform.   Now they just don’t care about the agreements, and they want to run us out of town is the feeling my contact have gotten since last night.     The Division’ she said “Is personal and they are treating us like the outsiders they obviously believe we are”  This will be trouble if the DNC fails to keep their word on the progressive platform Bernie Sanders said he was promised.

How Hostile? One other California delegate from the Inland Empire  was JUST escorted from his seat by security after being pushed then surrounded by Clinton supporters.  A claim by one Hillary woman was lodges with security that he had pushed her.  ALL members of his group deny this.

Then another Clinton Delegate who knew the California guy interceded and helped him get back to his seat.  Shortly thereafter security came back and said due to the numerous complaints about him (bogus) they escorted him out and he has been banned from the floor of the convention.

Stay Tuned for more Reality from Philly!