We have been reporting on the October 2017 Nor-Cal Fires that destroyed THOUSANDS of homes (8,500 at last count in the Santa Rosa area) and business and reportedly (not in Main Stream Media) may have KILLED Thousands of of people who have not been accounted for!  Stunning information every American needs to see in EVERY Video!  Take your time with this folks. There seems to be an Un-Declared war on US to drive us SOMEWHERE!! If this collection does not convince you that these fires were intentional and Un-Natural we do not know how to wake you UP!






What happened and will this happen to YOUR town or neighborhood? WHAT can WE do to stop this? We need to hold our ELECTED officials accountable and FIGHT the dark forces of EVIL, because THAT is the only thing which could cause ALL OF THIS, an EVIL force that needs to be STOPPED!! WE DEMAND ANSWERS!!!!