North Dakota National Guard Called up for “Public Safety” during Pipeline Protests on Indian Land!


CANNON BALL, North Dakota — Red Warrior Camp spokesman Cody Hall urged the entire world to come and stand with them and push back the show of force targeting peaceful water defenders, and burial place protectors, camped on Treaty lands of the Standing Rock Nation.
“I’m asking the whole world to hear our plight, that we are wanting you to show up in a peaceful manner and come stand with us on the front lines,” Hall said today.
Hall said Governor Jack Dalrymple called in the National Guard during a press conference, but the governor did not disclose the number of soldiers that would be at the camp tomorrow.



An arrest warrant has been issued in North Dakota for Jill Stein for trespass and vandalism in her connection with her spray painting on an Oil company  Bull-Dozier on Indian land.



Sept 9 -16