DID you know? The waste from oil and gas wells include uranium, thorium, radium, a radioactive isotope of potassium, as well as isotopes of lead and polonium. These are naturally occurring elements that are brought to the surface through fracking. THAT is the foundation of this secret Dear Readers!

Yes Rachael Maddow is Long winded and takes some time to get to the point I know. BUT the point here is a vital MUST SEE, hidden part of the problem of North Dakota Oil production AND transport, OK? Watch this because I’ll BET you had NO Idea! Oil produces Radioactive waste that can KILL people and it was being dumped anywhere these criminals could try and get away with it! AND it seems Reservation land and Native Americans are targets of these crimes. I wondered what has been happening with this criminal activity lately?  What did they do to address this problem?  I have not seen anything on it since this video. Have YOU heard about it at ALL??? AT ALL??? AT ALL?


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