NYC Will FLOOD along with the WHOLE EAST COAST Donald Trump! Watch this Video!


UPDATE 11-14-16 This proposal is DIRECTED to Donald Trump!  Copyright 11-13-16 Larry Alger.

OK People lets cut to the chase. Donald Trump are you gonna SAVE THE WORLD or just FUCK AROUND?

#FlipTrump #ClimateChange #DonaldSaveTheWorld The FACT IS the hard bus, dog shit REALITY here is either Trump builds some kind of WALL around Mexico to stop PEOPLE or builds a REAL WALL  around NYC (WHERE between his family and his son in law’s family, Ivana’s husband, they have like TEN BILLION dollars of Real Estate) to keep the Ocean out of The City (and the WHOLE EAST COAST eventually) Which is more important to HIM really, #MexicansorManhattan   ???    (Could this actually BE one part of his self interested, as well as universally magnanimous plan to preserve NYC? Get Elected President?) Wouldn’t THAT be GREAT? AND the ULTIMATE Screw You Hillary, EVER! And Donald, the SECOND you make this announcement the PROTESTS END AND GEORGE SOROS AND THE CLINTON CABAL ARE SCREWED.  You get that, right? No Extra points in the deal for that bonus. It is all about the ART of the Deal, right?

EG. Trump says to all: My Friends Taxpayers, and Voters out there in America, anyone can be misinformed by vesting in weak council on any issue. But NOW after consulting with the TOP resources brought to me by my two new friends, Leo DiCaprio and Josh Fox, I am in command of the FACTS. I have a fresh take on our TRUE universal reality and understand the threat to our VERY existence this single issue of climate change poses.

Furthermore as your president I see Saving the United States Coastal regions from uninhabitable ruin as the highest priority our nation, and further, OUR WORLD, can possibly have. (Then follows the GREEN REVOLUTION BUSINESS AND INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION REQUIRED TO GET HER DONE! HA) And Hey Donald all this material is copyrighted so if you wanna use it budget for it, OK.  I want a piece of the action as Exc Producer, oned line in the move and co-creator for concept credit.  Deal?

Dear Reader, did YOU know that there are existing PLANS in development to build a 10 foot WALL as a barrier against storm surges like SANDY in NYC? But ONLY for Lower Manhattan right now. Desperate Times Demand Desperate Measures.

Wouldn’t it be just amazing if Donald Trump had an Epiphany, accepted this proposal,  and turned out to be a cool guy who gave a shit because he saw the opportunity to save the world and be forever enshrined in history as one of the greatest PLAYERS ever. Right up there with Noah, except on HD-VIDEO! The Most Monumental Reality TV project EVER!  That CERTAINLY IS ONE Possible Outcome of the election NOW, isn’t it? Sounds good to me, how about YOU?

Don’t ya think THAT, ya know, saving the world, would appeal to the Donald more than just about any other factor (Forced Suicide notwithstanding)? Isn’t THAT The ULTIMATE Reward for anyone at the pentacle of power who is at least possessed of a modicum of compassion and empathy, right?  

Interior office Trump as himself on phone:  Hey Malania, put on your BEST DIAMONDS because tonight we are going to announce we are saving the world.  Morgan Freeman never had anything on THAT now did he?

I mean what could be better? Donald Wake up YOU COULD SAVE THE WHOLE DAMN WORLD HERE. Come On get to it will ya? Just take the first step and reach out to Leo and Josh. I’m pretty sure they’d take you call. and don’t forget to write out this deal.  I trust your resources are excellent.  Larry Alger Publisher,

Publication of this proposal serves as constructive notice for any and all offers made herein.

11-11-16    Josh Fox KNOWS what he is talking about. And Josh for sure KNOWS the right guy that you need for the new cabinet level Energy Secretary. Visit the site for his latest movie on Climate Change with this link:

Donald, you also need to talk one on one, like the Pope did recently, with Leonardo Di Caprio about Climate Change. And if Josh Fox does not have the right person for your new energy secretary, you can bet Leo does.   Leo’s latest movie detailing this threat to ALL OF US is at this link:

I don’t know if you have met this guy yet, but you should consider having a talk with him as well.

“Climate change is the single greatest threat to a sustainable future but, at the same time, addressing the climate challenge presents a golden opportunity to promote prosperity, security and a brighter future for all.”

Secretary General, United Nations

Bonus Intel: Cenk at LA Climate Change Rally

The ONLY greater and more immediate threat to all of us, besides climate change effects, is maybe Nuclear War. And Donald, I trust you will not be the ONE to make that mistake.  You ARE too smart for THAT aren’t you?

The future is much bleaker than most folks understand unless YOU take charge and save our collective asses. The American people ELECTED you to do that job, and addressing Climate Change and an energy revolution world wide is Job One, For Real! Please do not make us say  “You’re Fired” in 2020, OK  Thank You Very Much.clsaveearth2

So Donald, I hope this message of the utmost importance gets to you personally and YOU take the five minutes to watch the video and follow up with the other resources I have presented here as well. You gotta decision to make, you gonna build a WALL around New York City, Washington DC, Miami and New Orleans, or the Mexican Boarder? As an accomplished builder as you are, I don’t think you can pull off both of them, ya know?

Come On Donald, watch the videos. Please talk to the experts, then show the WORLD how smart a guy you really are. Get the FACTS, go ALL IN for the Americans that elected you. THEN kick those self interested lying sacks of crap in the ass who say that Climate Change is no big deal. Bottom line: It is not just your’s and the Kushner’s kids and grand kids future at stake, it is the whole damn world. Can you afford being wrong about this? I submit, NO YOU CAN NOT!

If I can be of any further help in the process get in touch. I could use a meaningful job that pays something, and I am free to relocate on little notice, as long as you are picking up the costs.

Larry Alger, Publisher