Occupying Force in North Dakota – Taxpayer funded THUGS not LEOs 10-22-16 45 sec video Shocking!


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These are not the actions of a law enforcement officer. These are bullies and thugs attacking families in peaceful demonstration.

Here is how it happened 9 minutes of the ROUND UP by the North Dakota Militarized forces of Occupation!

They surrounded the demonstrators on Open Prairie. They confronted peaceful marchers with riot gear, batons, guns and chemical weapons for allegedly trespassing in the middle of nowhere. This is not only a violation of civil and human rights, it is an outrage. The Government of North Dakota, the same ones that issued arrest warrants for Journalist Amy Goodman of Democracy Now AND Green party Presidential candidate Jill Stein, has pursued actions of suppression and abuse against citizens standing up for their rights of freedom of assembly and redress of grievances under law. Governor Jack Dalrymple says the First Amendment don’t cut it around here in North Dakota, so get in that cell. Call Him and tell him what YOU think, OK? 701-328-2200