Olympia Wa People showed up to help Save The Planet Join Up Folks!


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1-14-19>>> WOW What a great morning in Olympia!  I met some great people like Michael and Sandy and Bill and Marty at the Climate Crisis Rally in Olympia.  Thanks for putting on a stellar event to get the attention of Washington legislators.  Hey it was on the the STEPS to their FRONT DOOR after all right?

Here’s some pics:

Sandy from Mason County Dems on NO NUKES!

More Pics!

 Another video clip where the hosts address the issues! (And a Song too)

US Senate candidate David Strider, his wife and I had a great time, met some dedicated people who are fighting for OUR PLANET! So I ASK YOU>>> What can be more important than THAT?  Think About It! We are ALL in this together!

Do YOU like Rock & Roll? This video sound track is one of the best songs ever that NEVER gets Played! Listen Up and Watch THIS!