OMG Big Brother IS Watching US And He Is Facebook By Larry Alger 7-20-16


…And is facebook maybe even passing Digital AIDS on to people he doesn’t like?
Damn it, (with a nod to Aaron Sorkin) I had NO concept of how DEEP Facebook has burrowed into my digital life and the consequences that has wrought in the Real World, and I’ll bet you don’t either. I have 3,700 facebook friends from all over the world I use this to communicate with. I belong to 50 odd groups (Mostly Bernie Sanders groups) I share news, opinion, videos, event information and history with. I really never thought about how DEEPLY my digital life is facilitated by facebook, until it all went missing.
It seems easy, it IS convenient, that graphic that states SIGN IN WITH FACEBOOK? You click it and ZAP you’re IN, without all that muss and fuss of typing in your email, choose a password please enter your mobile phone number, right? Think Again Folks, there is another side to the story and FOR ME it all started with this:

FaceBookmalwarePC1Which I discovered went immediately to this


So THEY say I have Malware and to be able to access my account again I need to Download and install a file from these guys to “CLEAN” My computer.
Kaspersky Lab ZAO, 39A/3, Leningradskoe Shosse
Moscow, 125212
Russian Federation
Web site:

Zuckerberg, are you kidding me or what? Download a file from some place in Moscow? Home of the most vicious modern oligarchs around? Well I KNOW I don’t have Malware on all FOUR of my computers and I used each one to try and access around the alleged MALWARE block but NO LUCK!!!  And in fact I was able to get back into facebook and set up a new account ON THE SAME Windows 7 machine, using the same browser that my Larry Alger log in to this day displays the Malware block. Strange isn’t it? So THEN I’m off to Google to research this issue.

Among lots of other things about facebook blocking members there is an ongoing class action suit against facebook for violation of members privacy that was filed in 2011

Some HuffPost details

This suit is NOT based on MY issue  (Looking for a Hot Shot FCC Law attorner right now)
And is that suit just NOW coming to a head

THIS is exactly how my access to FB goes now:

After searching for 5 days I finally found a PHONE NUMBER purportedly for Facebook support to call for HELP to end this madness. Yes after searching Google I finally ran across a link to the Facebook page showing off their Mountian View HQ. AND on THAT PAGE I was LUCKY enough to come across a post by someone that shared an actual phone (toll Free 855-770-7790) number for Facebook. I though what the hey I’ll give it a try. Turned out that this phone number was for Billing In Bangalore India and not tech support. They were kind enough to give me the support number, 866-535-1162, which turns out is ALSO in India. Can’t afford to employ Americans up there in Menlo Park, right Mark? Even with a Market Cap of $341 Billion, right.

After explaining my stalemate in detail it goes like this: Oh Sir I am PLEASED to be helping you. Are you at your computer? Yes I tell him. So after a lot of I can barely understand him back and forth due to the Hindi accent and the hideous static, he gives me a URL to point my browser to, In Italy no less. OK I go and encounter THIS!!!!


I take one look at THIS and say to myself Oh No No No Hell No! Remote Desktop control made EASY? Are they kidding me? So again after MUCH back and forth, during which he used the phrase TRUST ME five or six times I clicked the download button and as I suspected it was a download to save the file…
So I figure I’ll play along and if I down load the file MAYBE they can lift the block from my account.
The file downloads and saves to that folder. I ask him can you lift the BLOCK NOW? Oh No Sir, you MUST BE RUNNING the file first. And THAT was where I drew the line. I said LOOK I do not install and run software I know NOTHING about on my system. I just don’t do this. By now he is yelling at me because he says he has so many others waiting for him I am using is precious time arguing with him because THAT IS OUR RULE! That was when I told him, after four more repetitions of I do NOT install unknown software on my system, Look Dude do you know what AIDS is? I don’t have sex with strange women because I refuse to put myself at risk for AIDS and that is EXACTLY the risk I refuse to take for my computer. I REFUSE TO INTRODUCE DIGITAL AIDS INTO MY SYSTEM.

Oh Sir you cannot be talking to me that way because this call is being recorded! I reply with Oh Isn’t THAT interesting you all just broke US law recording customer calls without the required notice AT THE BEGINNING of the call. And THAT is when I DEMANDED to speak with a Facebook supervisor and he informed me that HE WAS THE FACEBOOK supervisor, GOT THAT ZUCKERBURG????

So we concluded the conversation abruptly with my hitting the disconnect button with much more force than I need to and proceeded to this:


. Weeks ago I saw a FB ad promoting take a class on screen writing with the Great Aaron Sorkin. I, of course followed through and signed up for the seemingly very reasonable sum of just $90. So it is now another 5 days into this Saga and I get an email from, come and watch the sneak peak video of your upcoming class. So I follow the link and it says long into your account so I put in my mail and my usual password and NADA ZILCH ZERO. NO Access. Well turns out I had originally followed the FB ad link and when I clicked Sign in using facebook I set my self for banishment in more than just facebook. I was NOW shut out here as well.


So back to the MasterClass email where a support number was offered and I called them up to see if THEY could help me. I connected with a guy (in NY not Bangalore) named Rob who, after listening to the story somewhat incredulously, fixed me up and provided me the new password (sense of humor here) of changeme. I thanked Rob and was back to the Master Class digital campus in no time. While responding to a reply of a post of mine on the student interaction area (Introduce yourself to the other students) I noticed my profile picture had gone missing. In fact it turns out because I am BLOCKED by facebook, it no longer ported my Larry Alger FB photo as it had every other time I was on the Master Class site. I did a follow up call to Rob in NY to report this and he said that THIS has never happened before and that he had no idea it could even happen at all. I said thanks again Rob, and, In Solidarity as I disconnected. Interesting unintended consequence, isn’t it? (This becomes important in just a bit) Who KNOWS what else I have clicked to connect with facebook for the convenience of it as I trek across the web? I never really paid attention as it happened, have YOU?

Alrighty Then…. After this encounter I figured I’ve give Bangalore one more shot. I’d call them up and DEMAND answers, and a member of the PRESS. No I did not lead with that I saved it (along with the is this call being recorded question) until deep into the conversation. So I call, explain it all again, and DEMEND that they remove the Malware block for the Larry Alger account or else. He wants to know or else what? I tell him I am a news reporter in Southern California I am going to on TV here in Los Angeles and report to the world that FB is censoring members by blocking access to their accounts and forcing them to download digital files that reporting shows can have malicious results.

Check THIS link out from a guy who has THAT experience:

Facebook forced me to download their anti-malware, and my own antivirus gets knocked out

Well this dude in India WAS creative I gotta admit, as well as persistent. His answer was Please let me help you and I can not do that unless you download the Supremo file and give me access to your computer because, Sir, in my expert opinion you have been hacked and someone else has done this horrible thing to you, not facebook. That is impossible we do not do that kind of thing. Thanks Steve.

It was then I shifted gears and got loud and proud. I told him look you are messing with the wrong guy.


I am a news reporter and I do not believe THAT could be the case.
SIDEBAR: Funny thing all this occurred AFTER I shot the ONLY video of California Primary Election ballots showing definitively that votes for Bernie Sander were whited out and the story started to go wide. Funny how THAT happened isn’t it? Remember Gibbs Rule #39 folks and take a look at these links to San Diego videos HERE:

30 Seconds of WhiteOut video

Messy Business In San Diego WOW!!! I am so pleased that an observer shot this at the San Diego ROV of me confronting an election official about WHAT is the deal with Whiting-Out ballots in Diego!!! HERE is the LINK Thanks Larry…..

Listen to these women. THEY are guarding YOUR Democracy for us ALL!
People who cast the votes decide nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” – Joseph Stalin #MBISD #BernieOrElse

BACK TO THE SAGA: I told him that I was taking the computer to my IT department to have it forensically examined to determine of it REALLY had been hacked (which I am at LEAST 99.6 percent certain it has not). Just the fact that all the computers I attempted to log onto my BLOCKED FB account from (including the one I HAD TO PHYSICALLY CONNECT TO THE INTERNET USING AN ETHERNET CABLE because it is a Graphics/Video edit bay) all showed the block and download file command, STRONGLY precludes any hack, and THAT is proof that FB is responsible for this activity. Furthermore if his story of a third party hack could hold ANY WATER at all, how could that profile picture on the Master Class web site, previously PORTED from FB, go missing if everything was A-OK, not us, not our fault, I swear to God we had nothing to do with it TRUE? Right Mark Zuckerberg?

Then I also played the legal requirement card of announcing AT THE BEGINNING of any customer service call that the call IS BEING RECORDED for training or quality assurance (AND THAT in so neglecting initial announcement) has the consequence of being in violation of both US and California law. And Steve (if that is really your name) THAT will be going in as a BIG part of my report as well. Oh the absolute arrogance of these facebook assholes, I disconnected.

YES the support guy in Bangalore told me his name as Steve, yea right Steve, I believe THAT too.

Have YOU been Blocked Censored or forced to download unknown software by Facebook?  Tell me your story  Email me at or call our Political Beef-Box voice mail in DC at 202-618-5100   In Solidarity!




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