One of the largest problems American Citizens face today illustrated in a minute 47 seconds! Can you spare the time PLEASE?


THIS video shows officer Sealey’s Unlawful Disorder and criminal conduct under the color of LAW in the featured case! AND She got off of all charges in this case!  PROOF she clearly assulted that helpless woman!!!

Case Background: The Cover Up! Please click link…

Report from Washington Post Please click the link:

The System NO LONGER serves the people! Corrupt and Evil cops can even get away with Murder most any time across America, especially in Ohio! Remerber 12 year old Tamir Rice?

Yes America is loosing our rights to LIFE, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness!

When does the shooting start? How much longer can this kind of widespread criminal activity by the government and their Police against Citizens go on unpunished?              How God Damned Long?

Remember this guy THEY killed?  They only person connected to Eric Garner’s death, who WAS arrested, prosecuted, and convicted of a crime was the guy that shot the video showing the cops KILLING Mr Garner.  If YOU do not find that shocking YOU are part of the Problem, not part of the solution. It IS as simple as that! Be part of the Solution people. Stand UP for TRUTH and Justice, not violence against citizens and murder by Cops!

Unlawful Disorder under the color of law MUST be confronted and punished if our society is to be a civil society.  Don’t forget what is being done under the color of law to the peaceful protesters confronting DAPL in North Dakota folks.  It ALL goes together and places our citizens in Jeopardy and Law Enforcement above the Law! Watch this 45 seconds for a BIG Dose of Unlawful Disorder under the color of law!

Another short video report from the #NoDAPL protest!

So people we MUST Stand together against the ever growing evils of Police corruption and Injustice!