….NOW Please just go home and quit embarrassing yourself AND US, All Right? We WILL take it from here, OK?

I Love Bernie and all that he STANDS for, ALL that he has accomplished through FIVE DECADES of speaking TRUTH to Power, but Geezzz We just got CHEATED out of our progressive victory by the most vicious organization on the Planet, The Military Industrial Complex (and their political boot-licker minions), as President Eisenhower predicted in 1959 or 60, and it damn well sucks.  It has broken my heart.  It has pissed me off and fueled a flame of anger that burns even hotter than the Bern I felt so intensely even before Bernie ANNOUNCED in April of 2015.  You See HE had ME at NO I WILL NOT YIELD in 1992.  Yes he did.  I saw it in 2009 bumping around looking at Political stuff in prep for what turned out to be the DISASTER of those Mid-Term Elections.

I remember watching THIS VIDEO on Youtube somewhere and then watching it again. I said to myself right then and there, Holy Shit THIS IS THE GUY WE NEED FOR PRESIDENT. Turns out I was right and I am still right. The SHAME upon the American people is that the DARK FORCES OF EVIL, YES EVIL NOTHING LESS, committed election fraud at such a sophisticated level and an UNPRECEDENTED RATE for ANY country NOT a Banana Republic or Theocracy, the Progressive Victory was drowned in the bath tub like Grover Norquist wanted to do to the Federal government anyway. Grover’s Revenge so to speak. AND WE LET IT HAPPEN People, You, Me, Uncle Jack, Auntie Bee, Kawanna Kaneisha Jones and Petey Hernandez, we screwed it up.

Lemme ask you, dear reader, did you ever Feel The Bern to the extent that you believed this election cycle was a turning point in American Political History and this was OUR SHOT? Of course you are correct, the cycle IS a turning point, it IS a continuation of the struggle to constitute the next BIG thing in American Politics. And lemme tell ya Folks, it AIN”T being a Democrat or a Republican, it IS all about being an American. It is about being a Patriot, for real, and EXPERIENCING Feel The Bern. You Felt The Bern because you know what is right, have some heart, and give at least a basic level of DAMN about ALL the passengers on our space ship. I’m betting You KNOW what I mean if you have read this far, don’t you?

The TRUTH is that none of it is really about Right or Left any-more. IT IS about TRUTH v Propaganda… AND IF YOU do not know THAT IS the TRUTH… Well Thanks ANYWAY. YOU can just quit here and in fact I would prefer you did because I write this NOT for you, any of you, but for me. THIS is therapy for my grieving process. This is balm for the sting of defeat. This is salve for the wound of betrayal. THAT is what this is.

I went down to the Crossroads fell down on my knees…
I went down to the Crossroads fell down on my knees…
Said you can’t vote for Clinton just Vote for Bernie Please….

Now THAT is the Bernie I got to know and was lucky to meet twice briefly for a hand shake and a quick Bernie We Love You before he moved on. Yes this is painful. Yes this IS a reaction to the Treason of Clinton Cabal and their allies The Bushes The Kochs, David Brock, and yes reporting indicated even Karl Rove had his hand on the knife in Bernie’s Back, and thus all of our backs as well. It is hard not to come out and say it so I’ll just go all digital on your heads and render up this:

But HEY I never saw this coming in the way it did here in California. BECAUSE here in California WE WORKED OUR ASSES OFF to carry Bernie over the Goal line. We had GROUND GAME DeLuxe. People turned out, they knocked on doors, they phone banked, hell we even had a large contingent that phone banked from Australia for god’s sake. Clinton?

Nothing, or almost nothing. NO Yard Signs, no tee-shirts, buttons, sticker or hats out in the real world, say like at a Mall, a fairground, or car race. Bernie Merch??? Everywhere, People talking Feel The Bern ubiquitous. Clinton NADA.

I don’t know because I never went to ANY Country Club, because they’d never let ME in, maybe THAT was where all the Hilary faithful were. But STILL there are a lot more malls than there are country clubs in MY county.

And at the California rallies I shot Bernie at Carson, San Berdoo, San Diego, Pomona, Hollywood, The Coliseum and Clinton in Riverside and Berdoo. I can tell you this it was not even close. WE Berners were CONVINCED that WE had it in the bag and that Clinton had NO shot at winning because WE saw with our own eyes the level of enthusiasm and momentum Clinton created versus the REAL excitement and pure motivation of BERNIE!
Here, I give you a taste of what me and my Bern-Fam experienced (except THEY did not get to the HRC gigs at all like I did). Here is a clip of HRC and her crowd and in this clip I cut Bernie footage to compare. Watch this:

While WE Berners were all DRIVEN to savor the Miracle the Main Stream Media NEVER talked about (Like they had been filled in on the theft) Greg Palast DID KNOW what was about to come down here on California, based on his experience in New York. AND God Damn It he was right on point and dead on. God Damn It. I shot THIS a day BEFORE the California Primary and it turned out EXACTLY as Greg predicted. The OFFICIAL COUNT margin was less than Half A Million votes victory for HRC. And of course he anticipated a MISSING Ballot count of a couple of million just to keep Bernie down and OUT of any momentum going into Philly.

Ah Philly That’s where they went so far as to Lock Out Bernie Delegates, and dress up PAID actors in HRC shirts and have them FILL THE Bernie folks seats during the HIGH PROFILE TV segments. Like Biden and Obama and of course the Shill Herself on TV marveling at all the pretty balloons. Remember THAT? MORE Betrayal and Treason that the American Public Sat CLUELESS through and did not KNOW the Clinton Cabal produced a TOTAL LIE the last two days of the DNC Convention. THIS upsets me and pisses me of So Much because I know about the foolery and deceit the DNC was doing, I got reports in real time. OK don’t take my word for it here is Jeff Day a delegate from Maryland reporting LIVE STREAM from the Convention on it.

Well the FIRST BIG blow to my head was the defeat in California and then as I was just ramping up Gojnn.com and getting the real time reporting from Bern-Fam delegates in Philly, I KNEW Bernie and all of us had been shafted, screwed, betrayed, and had the election STOLEN right out from in front of us. But STILL there was the outside shot that HRC might be indicted, or stroke out or experience alien abduction or SOMETHING. Yea Not So Much. So I HAD to seriously explore Jill Stein because Bernie himself had TOLD US ALL:

THIS is MY Reality, not OMG It’s Trump Vote for Treason and Murder, Vote for Hillary.
Because this is me with a minute and fourteen story on MY Bern:

Imagine how upset I was at falling into THIS rabbit hole. And I KNOW this is the TRUTH. I videoed this:


Here is MY response to all this treason I have seen and videoed:

It comes down to THIS Folks. The Clinton campaign has LIED, CHEATED, SUPPRESSED VOTES, and STOLEN VOTES.  She won NOTHING straight up… She and the DNC have committed TREASON against the people of the United States and deserve the full consequences of the force of Federal Law… THAT is the truth…. You say I have no right to talk that way? F-It…. I have EARNED the right to my profanity and my observations… Do YOU KNOW that the HRC crooks and the DNC Criminals are the same batch that have worked so hard to suppress our votes and then steal them when we DO make it into the polls? Do ya? If that does not piss you off I got nothing else for ya dude…. I am a Vet who went in under Nixon and became politically aware on June 23 1967 at the Century Plaza… If you do not know what I am talking about Google it….. So if you think I am delusional screw you, we are dealing with the high crimes of TREASON this cycle and too many of my brothers and sisters in arms have given limbs, sanity and their lives so WE ALL can VOTE legitimately and meaningfully. Do I HATE Traitors? You bet I f-ing do. Is HRC a Traitor? You F-ing Bet she is…. YOU are collaborating with a TRAITOR when you support HRC? YES the F you are…. Think on THAT for a while….


Just for some background and therapeutic value HERE is an open letter I wrote to Bernie a couple of days AFTER the California Primary…. I did get the opportunity to email it directly to the campaign THREE times to people I had an association with hoping that ONE of them could get it in front of Bernie. I never heard back from Bernie personally.

JUNE 9, 2016
Senator Sanders:
On June 9th 2015 you were just beginning to foment the Political Revolution, and I was in an ICU at Loma Linda VA Hospital. Neither one of us were classified as very viable in our individual journeys. You were seen as 73 year old Socialist just making some radical left-wing noise and I was just sick as hell and they were not sure what, besides the pneumonia, was wrong with me. As it turned out you tapped into a HUGE sector of the American middle class disgust and anger with the establishment politics and me, I had been sick with Leukemia for a while. Our journeys were connected because I had been following you on Youtube and in what little news coverage the MSM deemed you were worthy of since 2011.
Once the VA figured out my plight, and put together a treatment plan which included Chemo-Therapy, my struggle, not unlike yours, was one of determination and shear will to succeed. I said to myself I will NOT let this shit beat me because I MUST be there to contribute to the Bernie campaign and live to see Bernie elected President of the United States and grow the political revolution that our country, and the rest of the world, so desperately needs!
Needless to say we have both kicked ass. Last Saturday I had the privilege to be at the Hollywood campaign HQ when you gave your heartfelt and moving address to the campaign workers there. I was maybe 8 or 10 feet from you when you shared both your humility and your fire to the small gathering of people. I looked into your eyes and saw the spirit of your message and the truth of your beliefs. I was honored to have had you take one of my hands with both of yours and shake it. Hey I had a camera in the other and caught it on video which I will treasure always.

Damn it Bernie, please do not let the bullshit fear mongering of the Donald Trump possibility stop you from leading that political awakening you have set in motion with your relentless energetic leadership. The DNC has blocked your revolution at every turn. They have lied cheated and obstructed you and me and all the folks that have supported you with our zillions of Two dollar and seventy cent Act Blue donations. They have sabotaged the collective efforts of your tireless volunteers all over the WORLD (you know that there are a lot of Aussies that have phone banked for you, right?) to make the revolution reality. Please DO NOT LET THEM BULLSHIT YOU INTO GOING HOME TO VERMONT AND INSTALLING THAT TPP SUPPORTING, BIG BANK BRIBE TAKING, REAL DEMOCRAT OUT OF THE FEAR OF DONALD TRUMP BEING ELECTED PRESIDENT!


And gee Bernie you do KNOW in your heart of hearts that Trump is just another Clinton put up job that got out of control, don’t you?

YOU can beat both Trump and Clinton in November because YOU ARE THE TRUTH the American people have been waiting for since Bobby was taken from us at the Ambassador in LA.
In Solidarity
Larry Alger

Well THAT might SOUND like the END of it to some of you, but it is NOT. While the R.I.P. part in the title is pretty conclusive, AND because what I NOW Believe about Bernie’s relationship to the DNC Nomination is this… The fix is IN people YOU forget that Tim Kaine is the heir NOT so apparent. They will KILL Bernie before they allow him to take his rightful place as leader and candidate. WAKE UP this is WAR against TREASON people! If YOU are a Berniecrat the time is NOW and the Cause is Justice!
NO it is NOT the end of the trail, it is the beginning of new trails in new territory without Bernie as the focus. In fact with out Bernie at all as long as he is doing this pathetic stand up routine for HRC. I feel SO SORRY For Bernie as THIS MUST be Killing him AND Jane inside, as well as being a tragic end to what has been the pentacle of a political 40 year experience. Bernie I DO miss you, your stump speeches and being able to attend your events up close and personal as a member of the press. AND As Barry Diller observed when Murdoch did him out of Fox in 1992 “NEXT”!!! And Here She Is….

WE Bern-Fam MUST work together with people like the BrandNewCongress.org Or Represent.US to move the revolution forward from here. Lets HOPE we can do it with Ballots and NOT Bullets…. But Remember!!




Thank You All for participating in my therapy. I hope I have been able to share some stuff that might HELP YOU in your grieving process. BECAUSE IF YOU ARE A BERNER, YOU ARE GRIEVING OR IN DENIAL ABOUT IT, otherwise YOU are NOT a Berner. And OK, Take a look around here at the JusticeNewsNetwork.com If YOU want to write, speak and video the truth, AND it’s kinda important ya know WE are looking for contributors. We recently LOST our Right Wing Orange County CA contributor under mysterious circumstances. I do not want to go into details on THAT one. If you like, leave ME A MESSAGE ON OUR VOICEMAIL. 202-618-5100
Larry ALger


Sept 20 -16