OP-ED: The Phil Collins Scenario; Why did Hillary Clinton run as a Democrat? [VIDEO]



(Clinton fans, if there really are any, don’t even bother reading further)

Hillary Clinton and her running VP mate, Virginia Senator Tim Kaine, react to the DNC email leak in this footage from 60 Minutes. Watch Mrs. Clinton in this video she refuses to answer a direct question about how the DNC’s action to break their own rules of impartiality to give more support to one candidate over another, could be considered illegal or not.

Hillary Clinton refuses to answer the question.

It bothers me almost more that she “felt sad“. If you believe that, then I am one of the greatest writers of all time (and I literally just started this stuff a week ago). Seriously, I am simply the bomb!…that she drops off a drone on kids in foreign countries while screaming like the great “Cornholio” that they should all just stop choking on the sweet taste of our freedom, clear out the smoke and rubble, and simply adapt, adjust, overcome and fall in line for American values because Twinkie’s just taste better. Evil, very evil.

Her truly heart felt sadness reminds of that day she wore that famous $32,000 vintage-style Chanel jacket, while giving a poor little tear-jerking speech to the poor, about the poor who shouldn’t be upset about being poor and should work within their “realm of possibilities” …to stop being so damn poor.

Some poor persons $32,000 rug
Some poor persons $32,000 rug

The audacity to act like nothing happened and that she doesn’t know anything about “it” because she was concentrating on her corrup…sorry, honestly, I mean …her successful campaign is just completely out of the ball park of reality. Now, when watching the video below, just realize that what Mr Obama said in 2008 about her really is true.

She will say anything and do nothing.

I believe that 100%. I am completely unable to take this woman even the slightest bit seriously on any sound that comes out of her face. I wouldn’t even believe the yuuuge complimentary burp after a good meal at a table with a few rich Saudi Arabian Princes.

She says many times in this video of her career that she’s is a “progressive” and then turns around on a dime and chooses a right wing Republican. I will give my opinion why, but to do that, I have to talk about this Trump is a Clinton plant rumor. I think it’s highly plausible considering everything else that seems to have been rigged so far.

It’s important to understand the ultimate goal. It’s just one layer of scum/scam above what most of us already believe to be true. The whole thing is rigged. Wow! What a seriously WTF awesome-sauce conspiracy theory this is! Get this:

The ultimate goal is that a Republican MUST be President over the next 4 years.

My theory goes beyond “just being elected” too. To ensure that this goal is reached, they needed to understand EVERY option involved, and then weave an unbeatable fail-safe plan. We all skulk around feeling helpless and sorry for ourselves, because “the fix is already in, man, there is nothing we can do”; blah blah wing ding yadda yadda shut up and sing.

Only 2 unexpected things happened, but even these seem to be covered

  1. Donald J. Trump was supposed to fail, but had unexpected success. He admits it himself and so does one of his Ex-Campaign managers. Trump is now following his ego rather than his long time friends on the gold course. Trump is literally doing a damn good job lately, winning people over left and right using his cute, intelligent daughter, his “hot” wife toy and his smart looking sons to give great speeches on his behalf. He’s doing a lot less childish twittering and ranting lately too; he has become actually very dangerous if Clinton should win the Nomination.
  2. Senator Bernie Sanders did unbelievably well, by making sure she did not win over 50% of the delegates to create a contested DNC convention. He bravely achieved this, in defiance of all the nationwide election fraud and voter suppression tactics. Even in the face of slew of lawsuits all over the country, its not making any difference what-so-ever to her apparent inevitability. Bernie is still there anyway, standing tall and looking good at age 74 and so is his YUUUGE Political Revolution. Even if he doesn’t win, I give this extraordinary revolution 16 years to get rid of the establishment for good. Infiltrate from the bottom up.

Don’t think for a minute that these 2 “accidents” weren’t all factored into it from the start…   I said Fail-safe plan.

Many will agree with me that Hillary is a Republican not a Democrat. That gives us 3 Republicans (Trump, Hillary, Kaine) against a single Democrat who is actually the longest running Independent in American political history. The arithmetic genius, Mr. Bernie Sanders.

They tried everything so far to stop him. Not only was the entire voting process itself rigged;

  1. every single voter suppression tactic was used all over the country
  2. the DNC rigged as much as they could to favor Clinton
  3. the media blackout clearly torpedoed Sanders campaign into the background
  4. At the DNC, claims of party unity will only be “unity” by backing Clinton, otherwise ignore

After all they have done, what we completely missed is:

The candidates themselves are rigged too!

With that thought, we are down to the final 3 Pro-Establishment scenarios:

  1. Hillary wins: Fake-Democrat Republican
  2. Trump wins: Republican
  3. Hillary gets impeached for crimes, Tim Kaine naturally takes over: Republican

According to their books, we will have a Republican Presidential puppet no matter what! …and THAT was the plan from the start and the ONLY reason why Hillary ran Democrat.

The mistake in all of that rigging, cheating, bullying and suppressing was not seeing the sheer magnitude of this final genius “Phil Collins Scenario” that is easy to describe and is also

Against All Odds: Bernie wins all!

Describe this gentleman using one word: GENIUS

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