Senator Sanders:
On June 9th 2015 you were just beginning to foment the Political Revolution, and I was in an ICU at Loma Linda VA Hospital. Neither one of us were classified as very viable in our individual journeys. You were seen as 73 year old Socialist just making some radical left-wing noise and I was just sick as hell and they were not sure what, besides the pneumonia, was wrong with me. As it turned out you tapped into a HUGE sector of the American middle class disgust and anger with the establishment politics and me, I had been sick with Leukemia for a while. Our journeys were connected because I had been following you on Youtube and in what little news coverage the MSM deemed you were worthy of since 2011.
Once the VA figured out my plight, and put together a treatment plan which included Chemo-Therapy, my struggle, not unlike yours, was one of determination and shear will to succeed. I said to myself I will NOT let this shit beat me because I MUST be there to contribute to the Bernie campaign and live to see Bernie elected President of the United States and grow the political revolution that our country, and the rest of the world, so desperately needs!
Needless to say we have both kicked ass. Last Saturday I had the privilege to be at the Hollywood campaign HQ when you gave your heartfelt and moving address to the campaign workers there. I was maybe 8 or 10 feet from you when you shared both your humility and your fire to the small gathering of people. I looked into your eyes and saw the spirit of your message and the truth of your beliefs. I was honored to have had you take one of my hands with both of yours and shake it. Hey I had a camera in the other and caught it on video which I will treasure always.

Damn it Bernie, please do not let the bullshit fear mongering of the Donald Trump possibility stop you from leading that political awakening you have set in motion with your relentless energetic leadership. The DNC has blocked your revolution at every turn. They have lied cheated and obstructed you and me and all the folks that have supported you with our zillions of Two dollar and seventy cent ActBlue donations. They have sabotaged the collective efforts of your tireless volunteers all over the WORLD (you know that there are a lot of Aussies that have phone banked for you, right?) to make the revolution reality. Please DO NOT LET THEM BULLSHIT YOU INTO GOING HOME TO VERMONT AND INSTALLING THAT TPP SUPPORTING, BIG BANK BRIBE TAKING, REAL DEMOCRAT OUT OF THE FEAR OF DONALD TRUMP BEING ELECTED PRESIDENT!
And gee Bernie you do KNOW in your heart of hearts that Trump is just another Clinton put up job that got out of control, don’t you?
YOU can beat both Trump and Clinton in November because YOU ARE THE TRUTH the American people have been waiting for since Bobby was taken from us at the Ambassador in LA.
In Solidarity
Larry Alger

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