Open Letter to Donald Trump – Be the Hero, PLEASE! 11-9-16 by Larry Alger


Dear President-Elect Donald Trump,

Welcome to the next chapter of your life and the most awesome responsibility you will ever know. I watched your victory address this morning and felt encouraged by not just your words, but by the tone with which you delivered it. If you intend to really make the differences you have spoken of, working to elevate the quality of life for ALL Americans and indeed the citizens of the world, you could craft a legacy unique in world history.  I ask you to watch this short clip I have embedded at the top of this open letter weekly or even daily to remind you of the Legacy you have promised me and ALL my American brothers and sisters, sons and daughters.

Think about that for a moment if you will. What legacy will you build? Will it be President Trump who ushered in a new era of peace and prosperity for the world? That is exactly what we are all praying for.

It is not just our country that is on the brink of un-experienced disasters due to over 100 years of fossil fuel dependence and renewable energy suppression since Reagan ripped the solar panels off the White-house roof. I implore you to view Leonardo Di Caprio’s new film Before The Flood. Follow this link:

I also submit another must see documentary is the Josh Fox film How To Let Go Of The World more details are here:

Please consider the facts presented in the films and act accordingly as The President of the United States of America. I also implore you to watch and re-watch the clip of the victory address you gave this morning to maintain the guidance you will require to be the hero our country deserves and not just another political vandal taking advantage of the trust of your constituency. So Donald, what’s it going to be Hero or Vandal? Think about your grand children, and all of our posterity,  and what the loss of your beloved Manhattan to the rising sea levels will mean to them. Because IF you do not act as fast as possible THAT will be a BIG PART of your legacy, Manhattan under water.

Please be the Hero you can be and not the Vandal that so many have feared.

In Solidarity,

Larry Alger

Publisher, Justice News Network