So HOW is it anyway that those who just finished “RUNNING” the most successful “Grassroots” Political campaign in the HISTORY of the United States, sets up a Corporate campaign structure THEY NEVER HAD in the Sanders run and it screwed up Tim Canvona in Florida, the highest profile race in the country. HOW CAN THAT BE? Read on and click the links…..


As Reported by The Atlantic  Aug 30 – 16
EXCERPT:    Former staffers say the way the group has been set up to operate isn’t what they signed up for.“I thought the goal would be to take what we had done on the campaign, and continue to do that, but helping many candidates instead of just one,” Schaffer said. “How can you do that effectively if you can’t even talk to the campaigns?”

Other progressive advocacy groups that endorse and support candidates have opted to operate as traditional political action committees, in part because of the strategic value of coordinating with campaigns.

“It’s vital to be able to work directly with candidates, to know what their internal strategy is and to contribute to it,” said Stephanie Taylor, a co-founder of the Progressive Change Campaign Committee, which runs a political action committee that endorses and helps progressive candidates. “Starting up a campaign is like setting up and running a small business in twelve to eighteen months. It can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. But since we can talk to the campaigns, we’re able to come in and help out with that process.”


AND it is looking pretty good in Florida for the Establishment as both Tim Canova lost the Congressional bid and Alan Grayson was defeated in the primary race for Senate.  And Tim lost 56% to 43%.


WHERE have we seen loss numbers and results LIKE THAT before?   Oh Yea Bernie V HRC in California….  AND in New York it went like this…   Clinton, the former secretary of state, was leading Sanders, the Independent senator from Vermont, 58 to 42 percent, with nearly all the vote counted.  Still, Clinton seemed to prevail in districts known to have large Jewish populations. In Kings County, or Brooklyn, the former New York senator led Sanders 60-40 percent and in New York County, or Manhattan, she led 66-34…… Which we ALL found out was due to massive VOTE FRAUD WHERE 127,000 LIKELY BERNIE VOTERS WERE purged OFF TO ROLLS IN BROOKLYN ALONE.

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Update 10-20-16 This Election has been STOLEN It is TREASON See the evidence here! Our Government is messing it UP!


Aug 31 -16