Patriots meet in Hollywood FL to talk about Stolen Elections


Tim Canova in the Featured Video!

There are real patriots working all over America to expose the Treason of our stolen elections at every level If the crimes can not be adjudicated by the courts through the corruption blocking the criminals well then, What is Next?

Cathy Lerman address

2 hour plus event rough cut

See More and what YOU can Do at John Brakey’s website Audit USA

Citizens!  Wake Up Become Aware we must stand up and secure our Democracy from the dark forces of Oligarchy that have taken it from us!


More Background truth of how our country has been attacked from within. Shay Jackson tells it like it HAS BEEN about the attacks on communities of color and we did not even notice while it was going on, Did WE?

We need to WAKE UP NOW Don’t we?  YES we DO!