Excerpt: Earlier this year, Nikola Motors (which was named after physicist Nikola Tesla) unveiled its new electric truck. The ‘Nikola One’ is equipped with a 320 kWh battery pack that enables it to travel up to 1,200 miles when combined with the natural gas range extender.nikolamotors-2

The truck is a revolutionary vehicle, which is why consumers have been happily setting aside money to reserve their own. In fact, the electric truck – which will be available in about three days – has already received over $2.3 billion in pre-orders. Click the link for more of the report!  http://www.trueactivist.com/nicole-motors-receives-2-3-billion-in-pre-order-sales-for-new-electric-truck/

And Standing with companies like Nikola for both Electric Vehicle infrastructure and the latest Plant and Warehouse lighting technology, is the Southern California based sustainability company, Pilgrim Energy. Their Marta Has ALWAYS BEEN  SavingEnergySavesMoney.com How can they help YOU in your journey to sustainability?