#Pizzagate is #RealNews More NEW Info on John Podesta as well as his Brother Tony Podesta in this video


I have followed the Pizzagate story since it broke and have dozens of hours into reading articles and watching video reports  that go back on the Podestas as far as the 1960s with their Convicted Perv Buddy Denny Hastert. You know the EX-Speaker of the House who did little boys when he was a teacher way back when??

Here is a new video from Youtuber Reality Calls who has been banned from Posting on Youtube until April….  Can you imagine that?  Not within Community Standards because she tells the truth?

If you believe #Pizzagate and international Pedo rings and child abuse is Fake News you have not done the homework people. Period!

Please step up people help US keep you informed of the TRUTH in the pursuit of Justice!

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