THIS INFORMATION COMES TO US VIA Andrew Blasy with Adi Beth and 14 others at Standing Rock, ND.

West Coast Caravan is set to take off to Standing Rock bright and early tomorrow morning.
May have 1-2 seats open! 💥

We just turned into a Nation Wide Caravan with thousands of people heading to go to Standing Rock this month of November and over Thanksgiving.

This Thanksgiving will be a beautiful moment in history. We will be involved ancient traditional songs and ceremony led by our First Nations people. Remember to respect the ground you walk on and listen to the elders for guidance.

This time here at Standing Rock is precious, we must look up to our First Nations people and learn ancient Native Traditions within song,ceremony and ways of life. We will hold practices with us to teach our future generations.
At the same time we must stand by all people, cultures and religions and take a Stand for clean water and help bring awareness to an end of false land right treaties.
We must embrace the knowledge we learn from Standing Rock and take it with us to spread everywhere we go to lift our native spirits once again.

No matter the outcome of the Black Snake that threatens our water and future life in our nation, we must fulfill The Hopi Prophecy with the teachings of Native Wisdom.
We will stand our ground with every last breath to end the black snake(pipelines). We pray the greed filled government,business,banks and people will overcome and stand with us.

We are Water Protectors
#NoDapl #WaterisLife

CAVE JUNCTION, Ore. – The West Coast Caravan left from Cave Junction to North Dakota this morning with plans to protest the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Coordinator, Andrew Blasy says he received a lot of support and $15,000 worth of donations to bring the the people of Standing Rock.

“I got a lot of help out packing and organizing everyone together and getting everything together before we take off to the adventure to Standing Rock,” Blasy said.

But he says the biggest contribution he will bring is people.

“Our main source is bringing as much people as possible, they need as much people at the front lines to protect the water,” Blasy said.

Thousands of caravans are expected to drive to Standing Rock for Thanksgiving.

Here in Oregon, Pele Sage say’s she’s glad to be a part of this movement.

“If there’s one thing I could do in my life that would make a difference or that would mean anything, i’m so honored and grateful that it could be this,” Sage said.

Sage a long with 23 other West Coast Caravan riders will make a 30 hour, 1,600 mile journey to North Dakota.


Via Rhonda Capello-Smith 6 hrs · Medford, OR ·

I am hearing that one of the caravan cars has flipped and the west coast caravan group is at the hospital in Spokane. We are praying for them to be ok. I am waiting of updates from the others.  AND don’t forget this… Donate whatever you can, whenever you can at