People like Bill Maher, Rachel Maddow, Chris Hayes, Sam Seder and Thom Hartmann are about to get a very rude awakening. You don’t get to compromise all of your allegedly “progressive” values and support a neoliberal warmongering corporate Shill like Hillary after crapping all over Sanders and his supporters, and then call yourself a “progressive”. You don’t get to support Hillary as the alleged “lesser” evil, while arrogantly dismissing Sanders’ supporters and then scold and browbeat and bully us to the polls in support of this neoliberal warmongering con artist you claim to somehow be the “lesser” evil, while ignoring her crimes against the very voters you say are now obligated to vote for her! Although I highly suspect Hillary will be awarded the presidency despite the voters, because the leadership of BOTH parties wants to apparently anoint her, she certainly doesn’t deserve it. The fools who DO deserve a Clinton presidency are the ones mindlessly advocating for a Clinton Administration despite the fact that she is obviously as corrupt as they come. Wikileaks reveals that Clinton arms ISIS and you have nothing to say. Wikileaks reveals that she conspired with the DNC to rig the primaries and you have nothing to say but “BLAME PUTIN!” while demonizing that OTHER fraud, Donald Drumpf. The fearmongering won’t work because Hillary herself is actually the greater evil. Ignoring that fact won’t change it.