Portland Police intimidates injures and pepper sprays citizens at public meeting Council moves to closed door contract vote and people protest


A public hearing at Portland city hall turned chaotic after the building was DECLARED closed to the public at 12:30 in the afternoon on Oct 11th when apparently the meeting did not go the way the Council wanted it to.


The hearing was to vote on a new Police contract (which passed 3 to 1) to address shortages on the force. Protesters maintained there was no public input and the event turned LOUD. It was then after protesters refused to leave City Hall that police forced people into the streets and the confrontation continued. THAT is where this video picks up. Ten people were reported arrested mostly for trespass and resisting arrest. Does it look like there is a shortage of police in Portland to you? Looks like LOTS OF COPS TO ME!   Judge for yourself.

Additional Footage watch the short video below

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