President Trump lives in his OWN Bubble, where the comment line is turned OFF!


Dear President Trump… Yes We CALLED…  Here is the result…  YOUR Damned White House Comment line was shut down and it referred us to the web comment page…  So we sent this to YOU so you can get in touch with the TRUTH!
So I guess you and your staff just bought THIS guy’s LIES Right?

I have THE ABOVE 100% PROVEN to be a LIE, Donald.  Do the homework so you don’t look STUPID will ya PLEASE?  You Are Welcome!

AND Trump NO Disrespect but DO THE DAMNED HOMEWORK or HIRE someone that CAN, OK??? THIS is a recording of a meeting with ETP and Standing Rock Sioux from Sept 30 2014. So WHERE did you get the information that NO ONE showed up to object to the pipeline and voice their concerns? Whoever set you up with that LIE makes you look REAL STUPID, and you don’t want to look STUPID now do ya, Donald? YOU should tell whoever set you up to tell that LIE that They Are Fired, and hire ME if you really want the truth! Larry Alger Publisher Justice News Network

Reports that ALL of YOU should see and share!

President Trump you should Listen to RFK Jr here because YOU are NOW complicit with DAPL in ALL their crimes! AND you KNOW someone is gonna sue the FUCK out of you and or your kids in 5 years 10 years or 20 years when 10 or 20 MILLION people lose their drinking water because you got the wrong information and made a stupid decision to EO the easement and skip or forge the Impact Study, donchya??? And THEN you doubled down and backed it up on the record with stupid Lies that make you 100% provably complicit! Especially with that Multi-Million Dollar investment/conflict of interest you have in DAPL, didn’t you???  Bad Move Pres…  Can you pardon yourself?  Can the Democrats Impeach you for this stuff? And WHEN that river goes to shit with the oil pollution that WILL HAPPEN the TRUMP name and Fortune are going to be MUD FOREVER, Right?  I’d look into it if I were you! BTW do NOT depend on Spicer too much more either.  HE is making you look REAL stupid as well!!! Have you been watching him on TV at ALL Donald??? How can you take it, really? Don’t BLAME SNL, get a real PRO will ya? And I would not take THAT job on a bet!

And Hey Donald!!!  Here is a Special Report I did just for YOU to warn you about the Legacy of that TEN BILLION in NY Real Estate you family is going to lose in a generation or two, even IF they build a WALL around south Manhattan in the next few years! 

NYC Will FLOOD along with the WHOLE EAST COAST Donald Trump! Watch this Video!

AND again, all due respect, but here is how it has been going down with the DAPL thugs Mr. President. I’d like to hear it from YOUR lips that this kind action is NOT OK with you against people engaged in lawful, legitimate First Amendment activities.

Video of DAPL Shooter running down Water Protectors AMAZING

You HAVE reviewed the First Amendment recently haven’t you, Donald?

Have a nice Day and PLEASE figure out what the truth IS before you go and repeat LIES your staff sets you up with that make you look stupid. Measure TWICE cut ONCE Donald!!! I’m just SAYIN Don….. And while you are here how about a quick donation for all our hard work to tell the TRUTH?  Thank You!

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