Federal Inmate Prison Designation


If you’ve been charged with a Federal White Collar or Narcotics Crime and going to Federal Prison and need assistance, contact Wall Street Prison Consultants at 855-577-4766 help@wallstreetprisonconsultants.com 

A main concern of those going to Federal Prison is where they’ll serve their time. With family visits being the main concern of most, being sent to a prison closest to the inmate’s home is normally ideal. While a sentencing judge can make a designation recommendation to the BOP for inmate placement, many times this recommendation is not followed.

The BOP has its own policy of classifying inmates to specific custody and security levels. The problem is the BOP makes no real effort determining exactly where a defendant should go. While they may have a good idea, they are very often wrong. If a judge recommends a defendant to an institution that doesn’t fit BOP criteria, the BOP will normally assign the defendant wherever it sees fit, no matter the distance from home. While the BOP tries to place inmates with 500 miles of their homes, overcrowding has rendered these policies virtually meaningless.

Wall Street Prison Consultants are experts at positioning clients for favorable institutional designation. Larry Levine and his staff work diligently with attorneys to obtain specific and properly justified Judicial Recommendations. Our consultants know what the Federal Bureau of Prisons Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) in Grand Prairie, Texas look for when designating inmate placement.

Wall Street Prison Consultants helps Federal defendants and inmates with designations to Federal Prisons near their home, teaches Prison Survival, and assists with placement in inmate EARLY RELEASE programs.


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