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If you’ve been charged with a Federal White Collar or Narcotics Crime and going to Federal Prison and need assistance, contact Wall Street Prison Consultants at 855-577-4766 help@wallstreetprisonconsultants.com 

If you’ve been charged with a federal crime and are going to Federal Prison and need assistance, contact Wall Street Prison Consultants at 855-577-4766 or help@wallstreetprisonconsultants.com

Criminal Case Review

We guide our clients through the phases of Indictment, Trial, Sentencing, and Prison Survival through Supervised Release. We take the mystery out of the judicial/court process by educating clients with easy to understand step-by-step explanations on Federal Criminal Statutes, Indictments and how it applies to them, so they can make educated decisions about their case and understand the ramifications of a criminal trial versus taking a plea agreement.

Custody Classification and Prison Designation Services

A concern of those going to prison is where they’ll serve time, with family visits being the main concern. We are experts and can position you for a favorable MINIMUM SECURITY institutional designation to a prison closest to your home, and will work diligently with the Federal Prison Designation and Sentence Computation Center (DSCC) to obtain specific and properly justified Judicial Recommendations for inmate designation.

Fedtime 101 Prison Survival Orientation

In reality, prisons are a dangerous breeding ground of lies, deceit and violence. While many believe they can rely on staff for guidance it’s generally not true! Prison staff would rather not be bothered, and only do the minimum in helping inmates deal with issues leaving them on their own to figure out how things work.

By taking Fedtime 101, you’ll have an edge over others from the moment you arrive, in knowing what to expect, what the best jobs are, how to obtain medical care, and have the peace of mind of not making a costly mistake that can have lingering effects on your entire prison stay such as loss of good-time, visits, telephone use or commissary privileges.

Inmate Transfers

Institutional transfers can take place for many reasons such as attending programs like RDAP, taking an educational program, for urgent medical reasons, as well as an inmate being sent to a prison close to home when they are near release. Depending on the length of sentence, custody or security level and location of an inmate, a transfer can take as little as 90 days to be approved. Knowing how the steps request a transfer, and how to fight a denial of transfer, is the key to being moved in a timely manner.

Prison Medical Care Assistance

The Bureau of Prisons is known for the minimal medical care it provides at normal institutions. This can be as simple as denying a CPAP breathing machine, or proper medication. If defendant is not receiving proper medical attention, obtaining it is the most important goal Wall Street Prison Consultants provides. There are specific BOP institutions that only exist as a constant care medical facility, and getting clients to one these facilities helps ensure they come home as healthy as possible.


Wall Street Prison Consultants helps Federal defendants and inmates with designations to Federal Prisons near their home, teaches Prison Survival, and assists with placement in inmate EARLY RELEASE programs.


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