Why Hire a Prison Consultant!


If you’ve been charged with a Federal White Collar or Narcotics Crime and going to Federal Prison and need assistance, contact Wall Street Prison Consultants at 855-577-4766 help@wallstreetprisonconsultants.com 

Defendants charged with crimes, are often confused listening to family members and others opinions about what will happen to them, and whether hiring a prison consultant or federal sentencing expert is helpful at all! While everyone has opinions…are they qualified opinions? Once sentenced, it’s the defendant whose freedom and safety are in danger, with everyone else’s well-meaning opinion being worthless! When involved in a Federal criminal case, Knowledge is Key, and hiring a prison consultant with FACTS instead of opinions, can be the difference in EARLY RELEASE, and spending unnecessary time in custody.

We Work With Lawyers!

While criminal defense attorneys do a great job representing clients in the courtroom, most attorneys’ knowledge ends at the prison gate. According to prison statistics, 97.1% of those charged are convicted, with thousands of white collar inmates sent to federal prison each year; the majority first-time offenders clueless what to expect upon entering custody. While not all federal prisons are dangerous, there are risks, and unknowingly violating prison rules, (written and unwritten) can subject inmates to loss of good time and other sanctions. Our Fedtime101 program teaches inmates what they need to know to survive on the inside.

Wall Street Prison Consultants helps Federal defendants and inmates with designations to Federal Prisons near their home, teaches Prison Survival, and assists with placement in inmate EARLY RELEASE programs.


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