Psychic Evaluation on Clinton extremely accurate. She’s mentally unfit!


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Actually, this is a very well done video. Some pieces I would say are slightly out of context like Bill’s black eye; he’s just rubbing it and there’s no darkness in the deeper part above.

In this unprecedented presidential fiasco where both Trump and Clinton are seen negatively by more than half the electorate and the worst 2 candidates ever to run. The Oval Office will be won by the slightly less objectionable candidate, scary or offensive. Clinton’s only advantage in this whole election ironically comes from the careful, often very secretive, political calculations that have expanded the Clinton Machine into a nationwide network of undying loyalists and Democratic Party insiders (well, some might die actually…ehem).

Get her psychologically evaluated.

Get her urine tested.

Look. A person in her position should have been heavily drilled on what is classified and what is not when it comes to documents that have 3 main normal levels and at least 1 hidden level of “secrecy”. Any person in ANY company having to work with documents has had multiple classes on classification. The Government is no different. That whole story of carelessness with no intent is BULLSHIT. Director Comey donates to the Foundation too and also contradicted himself a few times during his Congressional hearing.

She has difficulties filling a small room of interested people and I have yet to meet anyone in person who is backing her without being paid to do so. Busloads of widowed women her own age refuse to be associated with her. She changes her opinion on extremely important issues that will affect millions of lives around the world like she’s (hopefully) changing her own underwear. Imagine if she pulls one of her tantrums when some foreign country decides to criticism her actions or decisions when she’s standing that close to “the button”. How many will die for that?


This is a single comment from someone in the video named Mark Dignam

As someone who is a psychologist, she exhibits symptoms of numerous disorders and it is a complex case. There are clear traits of Asperger’s Syndrome (on the Autism spectrum but not as advanced) which shows the lack of affect, inability to see right and wrong (moral illiteracy – which is why she was once sacked as a lawyer) and role played emotion. The “emotion” shown is thus not real, it is learned. However, people with Asperger’s cannot readily assess appropriate from inappropriate affect. Secondly, her history of abuse of others, obsession with power and authority, and dismissal of anything remotely resembling the ability to see varying points of view demonstrates narcissistic personality disorder.   This also explains her vindictive and nasty side. There is some evidence of sociopathic personality disorder thus it may be better defined as a Borderline Personality Disorder which is also characterized by chaotic relationships, inappropriate moods and affect, tantrums including throwing things and hitting people, and an unstable or inconsistent self-concept (that is, who I am, what I stand for).
The strange convulsions and other motor behavior looks a little like epilepsy but if she has had blood clotting or other organic damage, similar symptoms will prevail.  However, for some time her behavior is typical of alcoholism, possibly with poly drug usage.   I spent many years working in drug and alcohol, and she reminds me of many clients I dealt with.   In summary, she thus has a combination of factors, not one issue.  I can’t comment on the tongue, but her behavior shows underlying Asperger’s Syndrome, a Borderline or Narcissistic Personality Disorder, some organic brain damage and alcoholism and/or poly drug usage.  The cognitive impairment and bizarre behavior patterns are all consequential.
She is already a disaster.  She is reportedly 68 (though some suspect she is older) and her cognitive abilities are clearly getting worse.  She won’t be interviewed and the DNC clearly carefully controls her speeches and they are narrowly focused and she laughs off any questions.  Trump shoots from the hips thus he’s seen as erratic, but he is actually a negotiator behind the scenes.  Hillary isn’t.  And she will simply get worse as her cognitive skills (memory, reasoning, rational thought, problem solving etc) deteriorate.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Stay the course!


K. Timothy Lippert
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