Ex-university official pleads guilty to wire fraud and faces Federal Prison


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US Attorney Roger B. Handberg announced that Brian Carroll (46, Tennessee) pleaded guilty to one count of wire fraud. Carroll faces a maximum penalty of 20 years in federal prison.

A plea agreement states Carroll was the Executive Vice President of Lakeland-based Southeastern University. As Executive Vice President at Southeastern University, he was responsible for strategy, financial operations, and legal affairs as well as being the university’s chief operating officer.

As part of the scheme, Carroll created a New Mexico corporation, which he secretly controlled, and established a bank account in the name of that corporation in order to enrich himself and defraud the university in 2016. Also, he created an email address for the company, which he used to spread the scam.

By mid-2016, Southeastern University was looking to remodel their web image. Carroll assumed the project himself and kept his part in it a complete secret from everyone at the university. He illegally used his own New Mexico Corporation to carry out the job, billing the university more than $180,000 for services which were not provided. In truth, he had hired a New York-based agency to do the work for less than a third of what he charged them — around $30,000.

In the process of his fraudulent plan, Carroll, as an authority at Southeastern University, okayed numerous payments from university funds to his New Mexico business. It was only after they had exhausted $180,000 on the project that they realized Carroll’s association with the New Mexico Corporation and the true cost of the undertaking. The Board of Directors suspended him right away and eventually let him go in 2017.

According to the criminal indictment Brian Carroll was charged in, a Wire Fraud crime under 18 USC 1343 makes it a federal crime to defraud by means of false or fraudulent pretenses utilizing wire, radio, or television.

A calculation of the US Sentencing Guidelines indicates if Brian Carroll had no criminal history and a dollar loss of $180,000 it could expose him to a sentence of approximately 37 months in federal prison.

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