As the old blues song goes:  When the Levy breaks Mama you got to Move…
Our Hearts go out to all those in Cajun Country battling the flood waters!

From Tim Black on Facebook:

The Louisiana Flood is horrifying. What’s most horrific is the lack of coverage. CNN was talking about Trumps Tax Returns with barely a mention of this natural emergency!

Stop talking about Trump and do your job!      Is this Katrina again?

Close to a million people are sitting in dangerous levels of water, at least three people are confirmed dead and who knows how many are missing? What happens over the next 48 hours matters more than we can imagine.


Our Mainstream media is worse than a joke. They’re conspirators in denying us life saving information about our world! Screw you CNN!! Fcuk Trump! Talk to the people about disabled seniors stuck in a life endangering flood you soul less scumbags!


Fox News Report:


Two men secure two horses in rising floodwaters as a Bossier Parish Sheriff truck passes in Bossier Parish, La., Thursday, March 10, 2016. Heavy rain has forced evacuations and caused flash flooding for more than a day. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

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