#RealNews James Clapper is not only a LYING sack of shit he is an unprosecuted Perjurer before Congress! Now DHS takes over our elections on HIS crew’s say so?


There is a LOT of TRUTH and important #REALNEWS here folks! Scroll down to read it all and watch all the videos showing that James Clapper committed Perjury in front of Congress, God, The World, and Everyone, as shown in the Feature Video right here.  NOW They say Russia is to blame for the stolen election. THAT is such bullshit. Fact IS the GOP is just MUCH better at stealing elections than the DNC will EVER BE.  THAT is the TRUTH!  He and his cronies claim that Snowden is the traitor. TRUTH???  Ed Snowden IS the patriot!  They are the CRIMINALS and the traitors to the American people!!!  So do YOU believe a single thing that asshole and his co-conspirators have to say?  We Don’t!  

If you do believe him, or Obama or the rest of them, you have a lot to learn, and YOU are gonna LEARN it the HARD WAY!

People IF we do not have Legit Elections we do not have Democracy and we are all just screwed, just like were were in this last election cycle!  Remember This Guy?  And how they screwed him and US in every state in every what they could (The DNC that is NOT any Russians!) 

Even Julian Assange of Wiki-Leaks as come right out and Challenged Obama to produce ANY direct and creditable evidence of a Russian hack on the DNC, or Podesta.  They haven’t and they can’t!  Didn’t happen people. 

It is all a sack of crap to cover up the Theft  of what was left of our Democracy.  Welcome to the Police State where Russia has more credibility than Washington DC.  And isn’t THAT a sad state of affairs?

Recent Follow up video with Glen Greenwald of the Guardian. click the link!

Background.. Clapper WAS STILL at the TOP of the DIA HEAP and not in PRISON in November 2016!  How can THAT BE???  He and his crew Lie and get away with it all because.. Money, POWER, and media collusion!    http://www.nextgov.com/cybersecurity/2016/10/dhs-odni-link-election-hacks-russia/132207/

And finally Clapper retired… This from Nov 19, 2016 Click into new tab please.

Good Riddance: James Clapper Resigns as Director of US Intelligence

But Clapper was one of the “Patriots”  who laid the groundwork for THIS coupe Click into new tab please.

LAST MINUTE GOV’T GRAB: Obama Admin Decrees DHS will ‘Take Control’ of US Election Systems

The Election and Russian “Hacking” truth from our friend Debbie the Sane Progressive! You NEED to watch this 7 minute clip JNN cut for you all! You REALLY do.

Do NOT just Lay back on this TREASON against you folks.  Your Kids and Grand Kids are depending on YOU to stand up and take back out election legitimacy! Listen to Grandma here.  She nailed it in Philly last summer! Democrats as just as corrupt as the Republicans are these days.  If WE the People do not get into Democracy harder than ever before we all not have any democracy left at all! Listen to her!

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