Two of Flint, Michigan five Emergency Managers during the City’s Toxic Water Crisis from December 2011 to April 2015 have been criminally charged by State Attorney General Bill Schuette for roles in the on-going environmental disaster.

Former Flint Emergency Managers Darnell Earley and Jerry Ambrose faces charges ranging from operating under false pretenses, conspiracy to commit false pretenses, willful neglect of duty and misconduct in office.

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….AND the Flint residents are STILL getting charged for the poison and if the refuse to pay the city asholes tax lien their homes!

God Damn!  The Governor of Michigan says THE STATE can not afford the 10.5 Million Dollars a WEEK he says it will cost to deliver bottled water to Flint residents. Watch Share this post Video and Messages herein. It’s important we do NOT FORGET FLINT! This video explains what is happening NOW.  This guys has got it 100% CORRECT and is PISSED OFF and says fuck a number of times.  I agree Fuck Snyder and his crew. They need to SWING (yes hang) for all this!




So Snyder ADDED 22 MILLION to his cousin’s deal and THEN POISONED FLINT’S Water to cut the costs to help pay for it?   HANG this guy on Pay Per View and put the money toward fixing Flint’s water system!!!!  #FixFlintNow