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Watch that video above! I recently wrote a report on necessary future tech and this was included. Now they are moving to really use it as a testing grounds on the famous Born to be Wild road.

A section of America’s most famous highway is going green, The Christian Science Monitorreports. The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) plans to create the nation’s first solar-powered public road by lining a portion of Route 66 with energy-generating photovoltaic pavers. The pavers will be installed near a rest stop in Conway, Missouri, where they’ll hopefully produce enough electricity to power the facilities and fund future projects.

The pavers were created by Idaho startup Solar Roadways, which was founded by husband-and-wife team Scott and Julie Brusaw. The company aims to create renewable energy from the solar energy that hits the surfaces we walk or drive over, like roads and sidewalks and bike paths. To harness this power, the Brusaws developed a unique line of tempered glass hexagonal solar panels.

A solar paneled road sounds futuristic, but Europe has already test-driven similar technologies. In 2015, the Netherlands created a 230-foot bike path that’s paved with glass-coated solar panels. After six months, it had generated enough electricity to power a small house for a year. Meanwhile, France also plans to resurface more than 600 miles of road with a type of solar panel that can help generate renewable energy.