Russian General warns US Military they are ready and able to defend Syria!


Video 2 shows: Charlie Rose asks his guest, a former CIA director, We make them pay the price in Syria By Killing Russians? (almost disbelievingly) ANSWER: YES… JNN:WTF?

JNN was concerned that this first video may have another message other than the words shown on the screen.  We contacted a Russian linguist in Croatia who reviewed the video, and assured us the message was correct and sent the following report to us:

Greetings dear colleagues. It appears that the relevant Western media sources have published about the leaks concerning the White House discussions about the possibility of launching the airstrikes on the Syrian armed forces. History often shows that such leaks are not uncommon form of prelude to the real actions. Perhaps the biggest concern is that the information is a result of a provocations by the Central Intelligence Agency and the Pentagon, which reported to their president back in September that the situation of the opposition was allegedly under control. Today, they are lobbying for a kinetic scenario in Syria. I would recommend our colleagues in Washington to carefully think through about the consequences of such plans. In the present day, the Syrian army has a rather effective air-defense in their arsenal, such as S-200 and BUK and other air-defense systems which have been updated in terms of their technical abilities over the past year. Also, I would like to admonish American strategists that Russia has S-400 and S-300 air defense systems placed to protect our troops stationed at the naval supply base and the Khmeimim airbase. The range of this weapons may come as a „surprise „to all unidentified flying objects. It is reasonable to think that the Russian air defense system crews are highly unlikely to determine the exact flight paths of missiles and who they belong to. All the silly illusions about the existence of the so called invisible jets, will face the disappointing reality. And finally, the most important thing. Currently, the majority of the officers of the Russian Reconciliation Center in Syria are working on the „ground“. They deliver aid and are negotiating with the leaders of the residential areas in Syrian provinces. Thanks to their work, 732 populated places and hundreds of thousands of Syrian people went back to have a peaceful life. Therefore, any missile airstrikes on the territory that under the control of the Syrian government will create a clear threat to Russian servicemen. Finally, I want to remind everyone, that after the US-led coalition jets bombed positions of the Syrian government forces on September 17th in Deir ez-Zor, we took all necessary measures to prevent other American „mistakes“ against Russian military or other military facilities on the territory of Syrian Arab Republic.

ED included in report-  As you can see, some of the differences were in tenses (like 100 000 as opposed to hundreds of thousands, etc) Generally, most of the things were in the same context, but altered slightly.

OK Here is what OUR side says.  The 4-Star is the Army Chief of Staff