Serious Data Breach of Thousands of Vets Info in Tacoma WA -Dave Strider


4-5-19 Questions about the Mystery Box of veterans letters with full Names  Addresses and FULL Social Security numbers for each individual are NOT getting answered.
What Gives?

On March 25 David received a letter from the VA announcing changes in is VA pension procedures.  Later that evening UPS delivered a twenty pound box addressed to him with a very strange return address by UPS dropped on his back door step.

Not knowing what was inside the unexpected mystery box, Dave opened it only to find a copy of the VA letter he had received earlier in the day by US Mail. This copy of his letter was rubber-banded  on top of the stacked paper and yet on top of a yellow cover sheet.  Below that were maybe a couple thousand copies of that same letter, some, like Dave’s, with other attached information.

Keep in mind this box was delivered at almost 6PM at night on a Monday with a very strange annotation that this package was returned to sender. Really?  Dave never sent this pile of paper with veteran pensioner confidential information, so how did it come to be delivered to his back door anyway?

The following day the Seattle media was contacted and the only outlet that actually made any effort to follow up on the story was NBC  King5 TV.  Yes they sent out a video team to shoot footage for a reporter follow up.

More on all that in the next report. Meanwhile these critical unanswered questions remain:

1. How did this box come to be delivered to Dave and who was the box intended for in the first place?

2. Why were these printed copies shipped off site and not transmitted to the destination digitally? Who printed them and for what purpose?  The veteran pensioners already had their copies mailed by the post office before the box was delivered to Dave. 

3. How many more boxes of these letters were there?  And since all the copies of the veterans letters in this box seem to be East Coast residents, and not in Dave’s West Coast region, WHY is his info included?  And why was his letter placed on top and separated from all others? Stranger still, it was apparently used to create the “Returned To Sender” label through the UPS Overgoods Department. And how did it originate from somewhere in Pennsylvania?

VA Records Breach Report from NBC  Seattle  Click this link: 

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